Naim CD555 Door Calibration Issues

HI there, seeking some advice on the issues I am facing with my CD555 which has just arrived following a full service by Naim. I have followed the instructions on the Naim Archive site and from the manual but don’t seem to be getting any joy, this player is new to me having just traded in my CDS3, the player itself is working as tested a disc. Every time I go to change a disc I am back to a flashing door light and a door very nearly closed but not quite.
Question - Do I need to go through all 3 stages each time when the door light is flashing i.e. Reset, Calibration & Door Setting?
When it states holding in relevant buttons such as Door and Play and turning unit on do I need to continue to hold down buttons or let go once unit is on and calibration begins. In terms of display, I am getting a number 10 and sometimes a number 9. I thought I had cracked this last night but having turned the unit on today following work I am back to the flashing door button and partial closure. Just literally gone through the calibration process again, 10 and 9 displayed door did close at one point now ever so slighty opened with no numbers displayed. How long would this process normally take? Is it a case of keep going through this until he right setting is had? I am doing all via the top buttons as remote not put in box so need to request this when dealer opens tomorrow. Please help!!!

@Richard.Dane ……i think it should work if serviced by Naim

After a trip with a courier it can sometimes need a lid re-calibration. IIRC, it should go into calibration once switched on - i.e. you shouldn’t then need to keep the buttons pressed once on.

Otherwise I think this is one for the expertise of @NeilS

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I have just tried the recalibration process again, the door fully opens and closes during this process but strangely once done, stop is showing on the display, the door/lid ends up very slightly open, the door button is flashing, when I press the door button it fully closes and stops flashing, the display then changes to play mode. It seems as though the very last sequence when closing isn’t happening. Very frustrating.

1-Have you left a transit screw in per chance?

2- are you following the process 100% as set down on P7 (RHS) on the attached link?

Your comments suggest perhaps not from my reading - apols if I’m wrong.

CD Players English Iss 8C.pdf (

To answer your queries:


Once the display comes on you can release the buttons - the display will take a little longer to come on when using a DR power supply.

Calibration usually takes between 30secs to a minute.

You should only need to do the calibration once - the player should establish the door limits to be used.


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I have 7 screws so definitely removed all, your link is the manual instructions I have been using, to confirm, do you release buttons once unit has been turned on and calibration begins? It talks about a consistent values, the player always displays 10, then 9 then display goes blank, does this sound right?

Neil thanks for your help, I will give this another go

The last paragraph of section 6.3.3 in the linked manual is inaccurate - the player should automatically exit from the door motion calibration sequence once it is happy.


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I haven’t done this for ages (thankfully!). My recollection is that once you set the calibration process in train, the door may go and and down a few times, ‘hunting’ for the correct position.

Then, as Neil advises, it should come out of mode, and be ready to play. You can turn off and the setting shouldn’t be lost/need to be reset.

Just gone through each stage as per the manual, once I reached the calibration stage the door opened and closed fully each time about 5 times all good then display changed which suggests it had come out of this mode as per your message. Turned unit off left a while as suggested then turned back on to test, door button was not flashing at this stage, pushed door button, opened fully, pushed again to close, door virtually shut but left slightly ajar, left a good couple of minutes, door button flashing, pushed door button again and it shut fully. From my understanding the door does shut in two stages, appears the final stage isn’t happening. This player was fully serviced and I believe software updated and gear/s (not sure what this is) replaced. Is there an issue operating the player in this way? I am presuming there might be a fault here as I am now content I have followed this process given the door did what it should do in the calibration process.

Correct - the door should reach almost closed & reduce speed to shut gently. You shouldn’t need to press the door button twice to achieve this though.

It is sounding suspiciously like you may be right :frowning:

I think gear/s should be gear/b for gearbox (attached to the door motor).

Apologies for this inconvenience, I’d advise giving your dealer a call.


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What happens if you don’t switch off after calibrating?

With mine, the door only hesitates before closing shut.

Thank you Neil, I need to speak with them tomorrow as remote was missing, I will give it one more go tomorrow morning and leave unit on to see if this makes any difference. Ironically, I read about this issue prior to purchasing and had hoped to avoid, from what I have heard, this player is definitely a step up on the CDS3, I do miss that manual lid though!

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It is your CDP ?
They haven’t given you a faulty one by mistake for yours repaired. :scream:



He’s paid a wedge for repairs and it isn’t working then notices the remote is missing.
It doesn’t look good I’m sure you wouldn’t be pleased either.
I once got handed a faulty item in a store by mistake on a busy day good job I noticed before I left the happens.

No I wouldn’t, but that’s not exactly what you were saying. You implied that Naim or the dealer might have swapped out his “good” player for a faulty one.

You said:
“It is your CDP ?
They haven’t given you a faulty one by mistake for yours repaired. :scream:

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That’s a very paranoid and unnecessary suggestion to think and wasn’t my intention in any way that thought never crossed my mind.
Wow :roll_eyes:

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What’s wrong with that anyone could lift a wrong box.
I’ve seen it done before.

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