Naim Cd5si - does the 5 year warranty make it a realistic buy?

I am thinking of returning to a Naim cd player, the 5si, knowing that it is the only cd player that Naim still produce. Given that it can be warrantied for up to five years is it fair to assume that parts for it, the laser and transport for example would still be available in 2026.
Before anyone asks or recommends it I am not interested in streaming or saving cds to a hard drive, I have too many for that and any way still enjoy playing them.

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Well a 5 year warranty is just that, so if Naim couldn’t replace anything faulty they’d have to provide another solution.

The Naim CD5si is a fantastic player and i wouldn’t hesitate in purchasing one, even now. Also, it uses a newer type of mech different from the older machines and IMHO far better too.

As noted above, our warranty is just that - we either repair or replace.

Worth noting that although not relevant to your CD-only needs, the Uniti Star is also a CD player (and a streamer and a CD ripper/server), so technically the 5si isn’t our only current model.


Not sure that CD player is an adequate match for your lovely SN2 — maybe as a transport into a Naim DAC?

Unfortunately that won’t work, there’s no digital out. You’d need a CD5XS.

That’s a pity – but, cosmetically, CD5XS and NDac are a better match anyway. :slight_smile:

Thinking about this as much as I love my CDS3 I’m minded to suggest that at this stage a separate CD drive and DAC might be a better solution in that if the drive goes there isn’t whole say redundancy.

I had thought of this idea but for the money I can only see an Audiolab option. The cd option there though is a slot loader which I don’t fancy.
The other caveat is that I want to buy new for the warranty.

Not the company they once were. If longevity and good warranty back up is required then I’d take the Naim option.

You may want to look at Cyrus, CEC, and Rega CD players. My CDS3 cannot be repaired currently by Naim so I moved to Cyrus. While not equal to my CDS3, it is comparable to CDX and much better than my CD3.5 flatcap. Different presentation but similar PRAT and spares are abundant. Three year warranty however.

I wouldn’t choose Naim 5i entry level CD players new, they were ok with Nait 5i amps, not higher up the chain IME.
Not sure about current price, probably between Rega Apollo & Saturn, both which I prefer.

Its a pity Naim no longer create better players, guess its a low market demand, but Rega seem to do it fine, I have 3 players from them, very satisfied.

Notice recent Roksan CD players have a good reputation.

In recent months I’ve found myself playing a lot more CD’s through my Uniti2. The CD player packed in last year along with the on/off switch and was repaired quite promptly by Naim for £330. I felt lately I could improve the CD playback and was attracted to the Audiolab CDT and MDAC+. When I saw them advertised in a time-limited sale bringing the price down to £299 and £649 respectively (a total saving of £230) I decided to take the plunge. I have racked up some 30 hours now and I must say I am very impressed with them: deeper soundstage, improved transients, greater separation, and a a choice of filters for fine tuning. The build and finish is excellent although I concede a little short of Naim. Even if the transport failed after the warranty expired, then replacing it would be cheaper than a Naim repair (assuming they would still have the parts)!

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I really enjoy my CD5si with my 202/200 but then I’m one of the few who rates Spotify sound quality. Through my NDX it’s as good as Tidal and Qobuz to my ears. Wonder if I’ll appreciate Spotify HiRes if it ever appears and assuming it works with NDX of course?

Another one here who has gone back to CDs. I have the Ndac 555. I have an old Meridian 200 which has the CDM4 transport and I have had it serviced. The mids are superb. Not as much slam as my streamer. As an upgrade The Cyrus ones do interest me along with the Moon 260d. The Audiolab I have heard great reports. If Naim had one which had some back up with mechs available with a digital out I would seriously consider. Maybe a gap in the market at the moment for transports with the trend on dacs

Unfortunately that’s likely to prove pretty restrictive if you want a Naim CD player commensurate in SQ with your amp. The standard CD player recommendation for a SuperNait was a CDX2 or CD5XS/nDAC or above. If it were me, I’d go for the CD5XS/nDAC combination even though you’d have to buy used. (I can vouch for it’s excellence from personal experience.) Then, if the mech on the CD5 failed and was irreplaceable, you’d only need a new transport. But if that’s too unpalatable, there’s a still several companies making CD players. However, many have slot loaders. If you can get over that, ATC’s CD2 could be worth a look.

And if none of these options appeals, there’s always streaming.:blush:


Moons are well build and gives a solid performance, just a bit lacking in involvement IMO

Indeed. My CD5si has been in its box for 18 months since I got my ND5 XS2. I’ve kept it just in case I ever wanted to play CDs again but the thought hasn’t occurred to me in those 18 months :slight_smile:

…money not collecting interest, time to sell and put funds in th bank or invest in an upgrade!

Have the 6000 CDT here at the moment, it has a very impressive sound .

In the end (and it is strictly down to band loyalty) I am having my CDX2 serviced and having a BNC co-axial output fitted.

I’ve had the CDX2 for 19 years and have been so pleased with it . In answer to the question about does the 5 year warranty make it a realistic buy, the answer must be yes , however my frustration with this bit of kit is the lack of digital out.

If there was not the option of having my CDX2 serviced and adapted to feed directly into my Nova the Audiolab would be first choice

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