Naim CD5xs defect

I have taken a risk and purchased second hand Naim CD5xs.However player arrived faulty. I have powered it up and inserted CD. The screen showed number of tracks as usual. However after couple seconds screen goes dark and player would not play anything. When screen is dark I can press play or next song button. Buttons are active and screen goes alive again but CD is not playing.
After 45 minutes when player was on screen came back to life.Now it shows that the song is playing however no sound is coming to Supernait2.
Anybody seen anything like that? What could that be?

Is the mains connector fully inserted?

Is the link plug in place?

Assuming you are using the Din connection on the back of the the SN2, before you insert a CD and the table of contents is read, does the screen show: - - ?

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Strange thing! After an hour spent powered up it started playing and working as it should. Miracle…

Sounds like it just needed a bit of time to settle down etc after going through the courier ups and downs. Good result :+1:

Had it been somewhere cold when it first arrived and you switched it on ?

I’d be tempted to power it off, leave for a few hours and see if it does the same thing again. If it does it would point to a failing component and a guide as to whether it needs to be looked at (or sent back to the seller)

The favourite with these is RCA or DIN output selection. Or set up for digital out rather than analogue.
I used mine as a digital transport into my ndx2. Then worked out that I’d already ripped the disks to nas! Thus sold it 6 months ago.

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