Naim CDI Clunking Noise

I am experiencing trouble with my CDI.All is fine except when I skip forward the “next” button flashes with a horribly loud clunking noise. Then after 3 to 5 seconds the track will either play or the ERROR will read and the disc stops spinning. Is it time to junk it??

One for @NeilS to suggest? a remedy

Is it the original CDI (with CDM4 mech, which will use the ‘top hat’ puck)? If so, give the metal platter a good clean, and, if possible, try a new puck, to see if that helps. I think @NeilS posted something recently about cleaning the platter (including the ‘inner groove’)?

If that doesn’t help, it likely needs some expert attention, to see if the problem is fixable.

Great player, so worth investigating and rectifying, if possible, IMO.

Edit: @NeilS link
Is it worth servicing a CDS/CDSPS?

Sounds like a mech issue, but I’m sure NeilS will know better here. Do you know which mech your CDI is running? Does it use a flat puck-like clamp (CDM9PRO) or one that’s more like a witches hat with top bit cut off (CDM4PRO)? How intact is the nextel ring on the hub looking? Careful cleaning with Blu-tac helps here.

Either way, I would first try to ensure it’s not because the clamp is slipping. If so, then a new clamp may improve matters.

It is the top hat puck. (CDM4) I have read that a CD5i puck will solve the issue so I might give it a try.

The platter and the ring look very clean.

You need to be a bit careful using the Clamp 5 on earlier players. The magnet is very strong and it may possibly damage the hub, so while it may cure the problem short-term, I don’t think it’s officially recommended. I would definitely carefully clean the hub area. Can you show a picture of what the hub and nextel ring look like? Is the ring fully intact?

I forget how to upload photos…very cumbersome. The ring and platter look brand new.

I suspect the clamp is worn…it feels too light and looks as though the magnet is in too deep to work.


When I power the player off I hear the clunk and the lens goes back to the hub.

It’s easy to load photos on this new forum. If they are on the device you access the forum on, eg your phone, you just tap the photo shaped icon at the bottom of the posting screen and it lets you select them from there. You don’t need to mess around with hosting services or anything like that.

Ok very good.

Update. My CDI is back and working like new. Problem solved. The disc was slipping when using the next or previous track buttons because the disc was not properly clamped. Poor design I was told. I am so happy! My friend redesigned the clamp by adding a third loop and spacing them in a peace arrangement. 12 o’clock 4 o’clock 8 'oclock. No effect on the stunning sound quality either. Now I will focus on getting my 52 working again!

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