Naim CDS3 player

Hi folks, does anyone know if i can get a new Mech for my CDS3. IT occasionally skips now and then. I have had my power supply upgraded a few years ago and don’t want to get rid of the player as i think it sounds great. Many thanks Steve

Best to check with your dealer, unless @NeilS knows the current status. Is it on the original VAM1250 or with the transport update to VAM1202?

If it’s on the VAM1250 it could be worth trying a replacement Clamp (Clamp type 4).


Great advise from Richard to check clamp. If it is reason for skipping, and that often the case, I would say replace rubber rings first before buying whole new clamp.

The current status is that we can no longer offer the 1250-1202 update - the influx of players after the 1202 “drought” has cleaned out our stock of the required PCBs & we can no longer source these (this goes for the CDX2 also).
I believe we also have an issue with our supply of the 1202 mechs - so I’d hold off sending players to us for the moment. :frowning_face:
You can contact Naim tech support department for updates on the latter.


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