Naim CDS3 Warm Up

my 555 PS is always hot because connected to NDAC, when I switch it from DAC to CDS3, how long it takes to complete CDS3 warm up?

If you just power down and switch the burndy over then almost no time at all. I find that a quick power down and then back on again somewhat rejuvinates my system. I do it every few months and if the system is off for around a minute then no problems to my ears. I do not own 555PS but own SuperCap DR, XPS DR, HiCap DR and 300PS DR so can’t imagine they would be much different to your 555.

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but cds3 is powered off from a lot of time

Ahh right! Never thought of that! I guess it takes a few weeks to fully come on song then.

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i would say many years…:partying_face:


i was joking but seriously i don’t understand really your question. If you leave your 555 ps always switched on , your cds3 will be always powered on. The first time, after long powering off of the 555ps, i would say it needs around 30 minutes to get the good sound quality level. ( i have nds / 555dr).
I leave my 555 ps always on, just switch off if on holidays for more than 3 days.

situation is the same: 555 ps (not dr) always powered on but connected to naim dac (with unitiserve) and CDS3 powered off. Sometimes I connect 555 PS to CDS3, so 555 PS is always powered on but CDS3 was just connect. How much time is the warm up of CDS3?

Interesting question. I’d guess that the CDS3 unit does need some warm up itself. I guess the only way is to test it out but I’d be surprised if it did not keep improving over at least a few hours after a long period of rest even with your nicely warmed up PS attached.


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obiouvlsy I will try but is always interesting knows other ideas and or experience :slightly_smiling_face:

When I went away for 3 days last week I switched everything off. It sounded fine after about 30 minutes from re-start.

exactly like me Lindsay, if you read above.

I just added a 555 PS to my CDS3 and it was an hour before it sounded normal. Large improvement over XPS.

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Yes, and for an even more impressive improvement add one of these ; )


I had the 555 PS on my CDS2 and it was a great improvement over the XPS. I recently had a Sarum T on my CD555 and was very happy with it. I just upgraded to a SuperLumina. It sounds amazing but I think I see a Chord Music in my future.

Hi Skip

I had a very extensive demo of both Super Lumina and [ earlier version Chord ] Sarum Super Aray, and the Super Aray was clearly more refined, neutral, and musical than the SL. The Sarum T is yet again a slight improvement over the Super Aray, and leaves the Super Lumina even more behind.

It’s strange how peoples opinions seem to differ, i think it’s psychological in that many will only prefer a cable that has the naim audio brand, even if the engineering design is far more foreign from naim than the Chord : )


You may be right. I have heard that from others but want to go through the steps on my own. It has been a journey from the Hi-Line through a couple of Chord interconnects, most recently the Sarum T. I had intended to get the Super Lumina DIN-XLR but wound up with the Music after a hum issue. The Music is a nice upgrade from the factory DIN-XLR. I am pretty happy where I am, but intend to try the Music interconnect once I get a handle on my taxes.

The larger issue for me is to keep my CD555 from totally outclassing the Verdier-Superline-Supercap phono setup. This is still running the Hi-Line, with no Super Lumina solution available. The phono cable into the Superline is a great sounding but older shielded TG Audio cable. I would love to source a phono DIN to BNC into the Superline, but Naim will not help me with an Aro cable, and the Lyra Phono-Pipe won’t work with the Superline internal loading. So I am going slow on the phono side and we can hear the difference on the CD555 already.

Are We not OT?

You may be right. That was not my intention. After warm up, which is free, cables make a more expensive difference, particularly on CD which could use the help on the high end where cables seem to come more into play. Cables are less of a factor in phono, you rarely hear about an upgrade path, and warm up seems to be less of a factor, too.

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