Naim cds3

My cds3 when loading cd makes alot of noise but seems to play OK is the mech on the way out.? Anybody else have this issue.

Puck slipping?

Should be an Olympic sport.


What sort of noise? As pslosarc advises, check if the clamp is slipping. You can revolve the little rubber loops to make them a bit more “pert” but if the rubber has aged then if need be, replace it with a new one.

It’s sound like a grinding sound but I can also hear the disc spinning a bit more at low volume I bought the unit used a year ago and it’s a 2004 model maybe a service is due.

Try a new clamp first.

OK where will I get a clamp.

Surely it’s a magnetic clamp and no rubber on the CDS3?

On the Original CDS3 you had the VAM1250 and the magnet was on the hub. The clamp (clamp 4) had three points that would mate with the magnetic hub and a series of rubber loops around the periphery that would provide a degree of damping, and also grip the disc. The idea of the clamp to provide just enough grip to hold the disc while also providing some damping and offering up minimal extra mass and inertia.

Unless, of course, the player has already been serviced in the recent past and had the mech updated to a VAM1202 and clamp 5…


Yes that’s the clamp with the 3 rubber loop so this looks original the newer mech does i use the same puck.

Is the vam1202 better.

It’s newer and still available from Naim…

Oh yes - my CDS3 was a late one with VAM1202 and the other puck. Sorry for causing confusion!

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Will the 1202 change the sound?

When it came time to re-engineer to accommodate the VAM1202 Naim were able to make some improvements to ensure that overall performance was maintained and even marginally improved. It does though mean that a bit more than just the mech has to be replaced…

Ay idea of cost to change for vam 1202.

No, best speak to your Naim dealer.

Hi are you happy with the vam1202 or can you compare.

We changed from a VAM1250 to the VAM1202 in our CDS3 when the original mech went off.

Naim did the swap and it came back better than we had ever heard it.

It cost us about £ 650 at he time but Naim subsequently dropped the swap price to about £350.
I would change without concern

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I was very happy with my CDS3 but I have since moved on to a CD555. I believe that the supply of the original VAM 1250 dried up before Naim ended the production of the CDS3. In order to maintain production the CDS3 was adapted to accommodate the VAM1202, as Richard mentions. So my CDS3 as a late production model already had the VAM1202 and I was never able to make a comparison. There have been owners here who have had a fault with their CDS3 and paid for it to be serviced and changed to the VAM1202. Some of them have in the past commented on the change. Maybe you could get the title of the thread changed to invite comments from those who have had the experience of changing over.