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Again, let me officially clarify here - there’s a lot of potential confusion in this thread!

All kit sold as demo stock is marked as such in Naim system when it is sold to a dealer. Again, this means we can easily track the unit by its serial number, throughout its life.

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The question was specifically about Serial Numbers, so I wanted to clarify :slight_smile:

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I believe there are rules about dealers being able to sell ex-demo stock on - otherwise dealers could constantly churn their demo stock and effectively sell almost new units as ex-demo and undercut other dealers…

Though the past year has been exceptional - many dealers will have bought in demo stock in good faith, but then been unable to demo due to COVID restrictions re shop openings etc.

Final point that’s worth making re Warranties is that the Warranty Contract is between the buyer and the seller - so some retailers may choose to offer warranties above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty we offer. That may account for some products being advertised with different warranty periods.


This intresting as I assumed demo stock was regular stock used to demo. Then sold at some point, usually at a discount.
But, it appears proper demo stock is bought by dealers specifically as that. And I assume at a significant discount from naim.
I have bought ex demo in order to get a better deal with my dealer, but I can’t see any " marks" to suggest its any different than a regular item. In fact, when I registered my ex demo 2018 xpsdr ( bought in aug 2020), naim confirmed the warranty is until Aug 2025.

Again, to clarify, demo units are standard production units; the demo assignation is made in Naim’s product-logging system when the products are sent out to dealers

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You’ve taken me back to 1993 and working in customer service for Audi/VW. Warranties, service schedules and owners. Happy days.

I believe it’s different in the USA. Typically warranties begin for a consumer once they have purchased the unit. But who knows. I think that Naim’s reduced demo warranty would certainly hurt demo sales, if I understand correctly. I’m an AD I buy a 555DR amp… I use it for a year as demo. I decide to sell it to a customer at 15% off MSRP. If I understand the unit now has only one year of warranty and no option to register for the five years extended warranty ? Hardly seems like a good deal for the customer, especially if the AD doesn’t mention this to the customer.

OK, so I’m in UK, but my ex demo 2018 xps is good until 2025 with the UK 5 year warranty.

Hi, can you explain what Grade A (and if there’s B, C etc.) means per unit condition and warranties. Thx

It might be worth clarifying that some distributors elsewhere offer the 5 year extension too, it is certainly the case in Germany. Maybe not “manufacturer’s” warranty (?) but does it not amount to the same thing?

Yes, as I noted above, sellers can offer the warranty of their choice, above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty

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All graded units are functionally fine - the difference is purely cosmetic.


Claire, thanks for the information, you have clarified a number of issues. One last question, if you purchase a graded unit, I understand the warranty is one year, does the additional warranty apply on registering the product with Naim ? i.e. a further 3 years.

I’ll need to check on Monday; don’t think so…

Please note 1 year is for Mu-so family; everything else is 2 years

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Has this changed post brexit? Because according to eu regulations it starts on the date of the customer receiving the item, not purchasing it.

No change. I can check fine print on Monday - that wording may be legacy terminology from when people typically bought in a store and took home on same day they paid

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That’s probably still true for most of Naim’s devices, or at least would be if not for covid.

I can to speak to my experience in the US. I got a B-stock NDX2 directly from Audio Plus (just before it became Focal-Naim America) on 30-day demo. It was pretty obvious to me that it was never used, but maybe set out for demo at a show. It had no signs of use, and still had the film on the screen completely intact. After auditioning at home for a week I asked to keep it. I got a reasonable discount and 2-yr warranty, but denied the 5-yr warranty upgrade. What I saved is almost certainly more than any (or most) service would cost me in years 3-5. I’m happy.

The warranty started with my purchase, but it was never in dealer hands to begin with.

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