Naim Choice iRadio Problem

This afternoon (25Jan), most of my Naim Choice stations (presets) are cutting out every few seconds witha buffer problem. This includes Radio Paradise, RP Mellow & Naim Radio, all affected, however the BBC HLS stations seem OK. It seems to have started recently as Radio Paradise(s) & Naim Radio were OK this morning,
All other web location browsed stations are OK, e.g. Linn Jazz & my regular SA & Caribbeans are OK

Anyone else have this ??

Hi @Mike-B

I noticed this morning that the VTuner Naim’s Choice view had gained a problem on their server side and was passing back an invalid reply. On the old green screen classic products, this invalid reply really annoys the product.

It’s been reported to VTuner and history says they fix such things very quickly.



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Have had problems with Naim choice Radio Paradise for weeks - stream just cuts out at various intervals, no apparent link to a time of a day or day of a week…

Hi Adam, jak sie masz? dawno nie mowic.
Naim’s Software Director @Stevesky suggested its a Radio Paradise server problem, so I dropped a post on RP forum a week or so ago about this, I put in on their Bug Report & UK Stream reports, but so far no reply

Hi Mike - doing well! Been a bit pre-occupied recently with a starting my own business.
Hope all is well with you!

Let’s hope Radio Paradise manage to fix their stream - mildly annoying to say the least :slight_smile:

It sounds like its fixed, playing RP all morning with no drop outs, buffer has been @ 100% each time I looked


Hi @Mike-B

I gave the Naim’s Choice view a bit of a poke so at least stations that were preset from that view will play. The view is currently blank on green screen products, as the reply from the server is still incorrect.



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Hi @Mike-B

The Naim Choice menu was properly fixed today by Vtuner, so is now browsable. This was the root cause of the dropouts for every 2 seconds in your instance.

Best regards


Thanks Steve, I have been with other stuff today so haven’t been listening, I’ll give it a run tomorrow

Thanks again

I’ve been getting buffering and drop outs throughout the last week or more with the RP FLAC stream I stream via Minimserver with my SU.

How do I determine if it’s on my end or something to do with RP servers or some other issue?

I test my speed after drop outs or buffering and my speeds seem ok.

Hi @ElMarko

I left a unit running over night playing the FLAC Radio Paradise main stream. This was playing direct from the unit via an added station. So far no dropouts / buffer under-runs have been recorded. This is via the ISP Virgin Media in Camberley, UK.

Suggest reboot all the network devices and see if things recover.


Steve Harris
Software Director

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Thanks, Steve, I’ve powered down my network and rebooted. I’ll leave the FLAC stream running when I go to work and see how things go.

So after re-booting my system and leaving for the day the RP FLAC was stopped when I got home. The app was kinda wonky too, couldn’t see my RP FLAC icon when I attempted to restart the stream and it wouldn’t start. I restarted Minim and closed and re-opened the app and it’s been working fine since. Not sure what’s going on.

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