Naim chrome bumper preamp issue

Hi there,
My nac 225 ( very similar to nac42 ) has developed a problem, when i turn on the power amp there is a delay of approx 5 seconds then a split second hum then a pop and then a hiss from the left channel.
This hiss is at a set level not effected by volume control, selecting different sources does nothing the hiss is still there .
Theres no hiss when pre is unplugged from power amp. But the audio is perfect once its turned up a bit.
Hope some one can help

Sounds like a job for the Naim engineers.

Does it need a refurb?

Just had my NAC 42.5, NAP 110 and SNAPS all refurbished by Naim (via the brilliant Accoustica in Chester). £795 all in (including the £80 packing and delivery fee per item that NAIM charge!!). I think I only paid £350 for them all (second hand) back in 1987…

But they sound fantastic again. Didn’t know how much I had missed them. Well worth it.

Mike, did you get in touch with Chris Murphy back in May when you were asking about problems with your NAP125?

Chris knows the NAP125 and the NAC225 better than anybody and has probably worked on most of them in the past. It does sound like a service is probably long overdue.

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