Naim Chrome Bumper

:small_blue_diamond:@stuart.ashen,…Personally,.I love Mana Acoustics.

Not the look,.but how Mana gets the products to play.
A LP12 should stand on a Mana…
Case Closed :wink::grin:.


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I was referring more to a time on the old Forum when members reacted to any mention of Mana in terms of Trumpian divisiveness…


Some shrewd purchases for a system for my office


What are the speakers and stands?

They’re Linn Kan 2’s with their own stands

Nice set up. Thanks for sharing . A computer free system :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Classic system… LP12/Ittok/42/110/Kans… nice, and one of my faves😀


I have a chrome-bumper NAC32.5, powered by a similar vintage HiCAP, into a NAP180. Source is a CDS Mk 1 and much more frequently these days, an Auralic Aries streamer with a great Australian Gieseler budget Klein III USB DAC.

The Naim gear was resurrected from storage a few months back after my other pre-amp developed a fault, The messy setup is a result of that pre-amp fault and the lack of decent equipment supports and larger speakers purely down to negative WAF.


My old setup 42.5+110
now sold :cry:


Mine since 1990


A later NAIT that I bought secondhand locally.


I think this NAIT has much better looking volume control knob than the earlier ones: the softer contours and and easier to grip…

(Also matches the “grown up” models…
though possible not mattering as the NAIT is usually on its own…)

Are these still available from Naim HQ?

Unfortunately, last time I enquired some years ago (I was looking for a replacement knob for one of my NAC32.5s) this style of knob was all gone. Unless a lost box of replacement knobs has suddenly been unearthed - it does happen from time to time - then I wouldn’t hold out much hope in getting a replacement, unless one happens to pop up on everybody’s favourite auction site.

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Looks like the perfect project for an enterprising person with access to a 3D printer…

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Thank you…

My service guy had the lid put on backwards. It made it black. Better than painting, but I asked him to put it on the right way obviously.

Why do some have green or red lights? are the green earlier cb’s or later?

Green came in the final couple of years of the Chrome Bumper kit. However, many have been changed one way or the other in order to match up with other kit.

The big power amps though always had green illuminated power switches.

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Date of unit manufacture??..

As shown:

NAP 140 1988 Left top NAP 62 1988 Right top
HICAP 1987 Left bottom NAT 02 1989 Right bottom


What’s the one on the right? It looks like one that is for sale near where I live for around £170, advertised as a Naim pre-amp with no cables, it is stamped on the back as assembled in New Zealand by Avalon Radio Corp. Also in my town is a mint CB NAP250 for about £900 with original box, cables, interconnect etc. Would they work together?

No idea on service history.