Naim Chrome Bumper

NAIT 2 advert in Hi-Fi Answers (June 1988)


Sadly my Nait2 is not getting a look in at the moment. I’m having too much fun with the Nytech.

Neglected and forlorn.


Long live my recently serviced NAC42 and NAP110. Doing a fantastic job at our place in france this weekend :smile:

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The Nait 2 looks so sad demoted to the top shelf


Sadly, I put the Nait back in the system and wanted the Nytech back after a few hours. I never thought it would come to this but it might be time to let the little guy go……

Nytech looks great. I like your write up about the Nytech elsewhere. I made the connection when you mentioned your nait2 was lying fallow.lovely looking system.

I read your write up with great interest as well. I have a soft spot for Nytech as my first ever amp was a Nytech 202, and I currently have a CB Nait2!


The Nytech is a wonderfully engaging amp and very much worth a home audition but they are built to order and the price can be off putting for such a small box! But the sound that it produces is well worth it IMO.

That’s reassuring for me @Murmur, especially your last paragraph. I really like my 12/SNAPS/160 but I was thinking about tinkering with it (don’t we all). I can easily get my hands on a 32 / 32.5 to see if it would be better, but you know, as you said the components are designed to work with each other and really the 12/SNAPS/160 combo is rather classic! So I am going to content myself! Unless I decide to get another wee system for the other room.


To my ears a newly serviced NAC42 and NAP110 sounds absolutely brilliant and i have no intention or delerium upgraditus tremors to change it :wink:


Yeah, I’m quite curious about it too.

Did you happen to compare to the Nait 2 without using line attenuators?

The attenuators were not used as I was going via the Qutest DAC and the output was set to 1V instead of the standard 2V.

Testing was done with Bluesound Node (v3) and Chord Qutest. No Lumin D2 at that point.

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I’m still on the lookout for a SNAPS to match up with my 42/110.

Was just wondering how it connects. Does the SNAPS power just the 42 or both 42/110 making the 110 power supply redundant?

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Just the 42…

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In your case, the SNAPS only powers the NAC42 and takes over from the NAP110’s internal preamp supply here.

The SNAPS can power two items, so you could have it powering a Naim preamp as well as a NAT101 head unit, for example.


Wanting to tap in to the huge knowledge here, I have recently brought a NAC225 and NAP125, the New Zealand assembled under license from Naim NAC22, and NAP120. I’m keen to know more, what were the NZ supplied components, casework?

The preamp is powered by a CB Hi-cap. I’m really enjoying how this sounds, will hopefully have it serviced soon.

Hi Rob

How famous leader @Richard.Dane can tell you some history around those

A fountain of knowledge he is


They were based on the Naim NAC22 and NAP120. In order to get around punitive import duties, Naim supplied a kit of parts to Avalon Radio who then assembled them using locally sourced casework.

Unfortunately, consistency was reportedly not great and many examples deviated from standard to the point where, IIRC, Julian had to fly in and personally intervene in production. Chris Murphy was involved in sorting things out and most would have probably come under his soldering iron at some point.

I recall that John Vivian in Auckland had a nice sounding NAC225 in regular use at Shore Hifi.

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Thanks Richard. All I know about my combo, is that they are largely one owner from new, and we’re purchased as part of a deceased estate. So I’m unsure if Chris Murphy has cast his magic hands over these.

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If they’re still working and sounding good then he may well have done before they were sold new!