Naim CI Series

At last, the excuse I have been waiting for to buy that multi-million pound yacht I have always promised myself.


While the CI range has been Marinised, so can be used at sea, that’s only one environment in which it can be used. I would image it will mainly be used in existing or future smart-homes.

It can integrate with Crestron, Control4, RTI, Savant and Elan systems, and can be controlled by the existing Focal & Naim App.

More info here;




Sorry, can’t afford a multi-million pound home as well at the moment.

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Me neither, and neither can I afford a Statement amp, but I’m glad that Naim can offer these things to those who are able to afford it, as it then means they can also offer such relatively more affordable delights as the Atom, Mu-So, NAITs etc… to the rest of us, and will keep many friends, associates and colleagues doing what they love long into the future.

Oh, and the pricing here is not exactly extortionate; £1299 for the New CI Uniti-102. That makes it much the most affordable Uniti in the range…


I know, I just thought Marinated sounded better! :slightly_smiling_face:


If you dropped your NAP250 into a bucket of water, it would then be Marinated…*

*for the avoidance of any doubt, please don’t anybody try this at home!


Agreed, & between you & me, I can’t even afford the yacht…

It all just a question of size and facilities. Although I’m not sure I’d want one DIYed by a Jack Russell…

Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 12.11.13


Well, it’s not like they’re priced at the level that only multi million pounds/dollars homes can afford them tho’ :thinking:


Which is very tempting as I think it would look very much at home alongside my Nait 50


It will be interesting to see how they compare sound quality wise with other options. It’s not like they can’t be used as normal hifi equipment


And of course means space for R&D so us mere mortals get better trickle down tech. Personally I am all for it.

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Richard, I would guess you’d be much better off with a dedicated streamer there rather than a Uniti, especially one designed for CI purposes.

You read my mind, in my case my dear Atom hidden in a cupboard driving my Focal In Wall Speakers…

Comparing price wise with comparable other options (multi zone streamer + amp): [price ranges by different vendors]

Bluesound Powernode 2x80 wpc £ 799 - 850
Sonos Amp 2x125 wpc £ 499 - 589

So if Naim CI 102 is around £ 900-1000, it’s going to be on the premium, and I have no doubt the SQ will be premium as well over the other two brands.

The thing is, people usually care less on SQ for multi-zone audio products :roll_eyes:


Assume the same “More Power” Class D is under the hood here as in the Nova PE?

I probably would be better off but the only options in the Naim brand are roughy twice the price and have redundant features like Atom power amp stage or the Atom HE headphone and balanced outputs. The CI also has a power amp but it comes back to the cost factor.

An ND5 XS2 is the most affordable dedicated streamer but the form factor and classic style does not, for me at least blend harmoniously with the little Nait.

A dedicated streamer in a Nait 50 case - I would buy in a heartbeat!


I’m not into the custom installation thing, so one dumb question: is it possible to use the ci-nap101 as an amplifier for the Allae or any other given speaker, just right out of a Fraim?