Naim classic line streamer software

Hi all,
This question probably has been discussed many times by Naim users. Unfortunately, i cannot find a clear answer. I am very happy with my Naim 272 and NDS. What will happen in the future with the software. Will these devices be running out because of the software update? I want to enjoy them for many years. Does anyone know?

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Naim have confirmed here that they will support these legacy devices (eg 272, NDX, NDS etc) for firmware changes needed to keep the current services working for as long as they can.

But they cannot add new streaming services because of hardware limitations. In particular they have said that they can’t add native support for Qobuz.

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Hi David,
Thank you for the quick response. As i can remember with my old Naim uniti. There was a hardware limitation which Naim resolved by giving the users a opportunity to upgrade the hardware with a 24 bit board. Should that be also a solution for these legacy devices?

No Naim have not said anything like that and they are currently getting into problems to support the current hardware in the legacy streamers because of critical components becoming end of life (which means they are not being made any more by the semiconductor manufacturers).

So I think you can pretty well be sure there won’t be hardware upgrades for legacy streamers unfortunately.

I would be quite happy if they were to create a Firmware release for the NDS with less (less is more, and lower resource requirements on the Streamer board etc.)
Remove the Tidal, Spotify integration and just make the NDS a UPnP streamer.

I run Roon to provide all the internet connectivity for Tidal, Internet Radio, Qobuz etc. plus support of any format beyond 24/192 and DSD64, so the NDS is just receiving a stream of WAV files from the UPnP Bridge.


Just stick it on an old firmware, 3.1 should do it. Can’t see it sounding any better to be honest.

My archive of firmware releases doesn’t go back to the 3.1 age

I was probably on the ND5XS/NP5XS then before upgrading to the NDS/NP5XS and then onto the current NDS/555DR combination.


Previously Naim have made a big statement about using WAV on these streamers as there is less CPU resource consumed and the levels of noise brought in from the PSU, so if there was less functionality in the firmware, would not reduce the resource utilization and therefore the noise. So a stripped-back version based on the DSP settings from the 4.4/4.5/4.6/4.7/4.8 releases?

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