NAIM connection issues

My year so far! Anyone else having issues connecting the iPhone NAIM app to the NAC272? Tried WiFi and connected direct to the Virgin Modem/router. Works about 50% of the time, the rest of the time it can’t find the NAC despite rebooting system/network/app/phone cycles. It’s literally plagued me all year. Even after lengthy Naim tech intervention.
I’ve switched from Tidal to Apple Music and play through the Apple TV now and control the volume with the Naim remote, it’s maybe not HiRes but at least it’s reliable. As far as I can tell, with Tidal and the NAIM app, when there’s no connection, there’s no music. A little bit of a nuisance with a £20k system!

I doubt its a Naim problem, there are far too many happy 272 & iOS app users out there.
I suspect you will need to do something with the Virgin setup, a friend of mine had issues with his, he’s since changed ISP.
Maybe some Virgin users can help

We have Virgin and it was pretty useless for the hifi. Very soon after getting it we put it in modem mode, with an antique Apple router providing wifi and network management. I’d say that the Naim app finds the various streamers 99.9% of the time. I’ve probably needed to reboot two or three times in the last year.

The Virgin hubs are crap unless acting just as a modem. Get a decent WiFi router and put it on modem mode.

I have a Virgin hub of which I connect a Cisco switch to and plug both my 272 and Core into this switch, all in the same room. I also have BT Mesh discs in three different rooms that 2 Muso’s and Musqb link to…in the main (touch wood) all works 99.8% of the time, the one that drops out the most is the one that is connect wirelessly…not much help other than it is possible to get Naim to work with Virgin one way or another :thinking:

I also use Virgin and I have several streamers including a 272. It always works first time. But you need to be using your phone (and preferably an iPhone) in an area of good WiFi coverage. If the WiFi signal isn’t strong enough, then it won’t work reliably.
There are all sorts of workarounds. But basically the message is that the 272 and the Naim app are fine. It’s your network that isn’t working properly for you.

I am sure we can all help you sort it out.


Thanks all.

I’ve used all sorts of configurations in the past, including Netgear Routers (Nighthawk and now Orbi - Satellite and solo) as well as direct connection to the switch. Given the response here I’m hopeful and now pretty sure its an issue with my network. It’s not complicated at all, Virgin Modem to router then 10gig E Switch.
However, a comment in one of the posts mentioned the Virgin Nitron Modem being set to Modem only. I did this a while ago but a lot has been rebooted since then, so I checked and it was set to Modem and Router. I’m not sure how this happened but I’m hoping switching it back to Modem only will solve the issue. Fingers crossed, though I’ve a sinking feeling I’ve been here before…

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Latest Virgin hub here with no issues, WiFi or otherwise.

So last night, the whole system was reset with a new WiFi network created and associated password updates on my computers and TV etc. I had a connection between the Naim app and the Nac272 with the Virgin Nitron in Modem only mode and a Netgear Orbi (no satellite) providing the wifi. Tidal etc all working as expected.
This morning I go to connect via the NAIM app on my iPhone and I get the ‘looking for rooms’ alert and no connection again. Both devices are on the same wifi network and my download speed is over 200mb on the iPhone I’m trying to connect with. Nothing has changed with he network since last night except the app doesn’t want to play.

I have just now directly connected the NAC with the Orbi via Ethernet. A restart of the NAC has changed the Network settings to Wired and I have a connection between the iPhone and NAC again. Happy days. Although I’m pretty sure I’ve been here before so I’m not confident this is the end of the story but its good for me to have this document of the process to try save my sanity.

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Not sure if this will help at all, but I have been having connection issues between the app and my Naim Musos (Gen 2 and a gen 1 Qb). Suggestions from the forum and from Naim support that have helped (I wont say fixed until I have used everything for the whole weekend!):

IOS devices are on 14.2.

On every device I have turned off the “Private Address” option on the network.

I have upgraded the Naim app to 5.19.4 on all devices.

In addition I have turned off the “Smart setup” option on the BT Hub.

I have also turned off “extended UPnP” security on the router.

Not sure if you can apply any/all of these if your setup, but it might be worth trying?

Thanks for the tips Andrew. I have the latest NAIM App installed and iOS. It’s connected wired now directly into the Orbi router, and it’s working, but will certainly explore the rest of your suggestions if/when it falls over again.

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