Naim construction

AFAIK Naim don’t have in-house surface-mount capability, so any board that has surface mount componentry on it is outsourced (they do have in-house testing apparatus though and the ability to do some work on existing SMC boards). Of course, some boards have a mixture of SMC and traditional through-hole, the latter being done at Naim, much of it by hand.

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Yes, on the DR regs I can see the reflow SMC then the hand soldered through hole components have been added.

Buying a comlete Statement or preamp and then the power amps later is a very big commitment for manufacturer, dealer and the lucky owner.
Do you go to one of the few dealers who carry this amp as a demo item, go to your local dealer for a demo, they probably need to ship it in, or have a home demo? A lot of variables.
Then how do you finance it? I can’t see Naim making this product on just a nod to the dealar.
As I and quite a few others on this forum probably will not be lucky to own this product, perhaps I should leave it there.
Something Naim and their dealers have is a strong sense of commitment to their cutomers what ever the product. That’s enough for me.

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That’s not a very nice way to refer to Glaswegians. I’d thought we’d moved past that. :laughing:


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