Naim Core cannot delete files / music

Hello and a Happy New Year,

Does anyone know how to delete music / files from Core that has been added via thumb drive ?
As I have strangely had a double copy of an Eagles album appear on my core database , even though there is only one set of files on the thumb drive . The option to delete any music added
By thumb drive is not available in the core menu option, as it is on the menu option of a cd that has been ripped directly to the cores database ?


It depends what you did. If you imported the files then they will be in the download folder of the Core. You can delete from that using a PC or Mac on your network and navigate to the downloads folder.

If you are sharing the folder on a USB drive then you can unplug it, put it into a PC or Nac and delete from there. You can only use the app to delete rips made by the Core or imported to the Core from a Unitiserve or HDX.


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Thanks David ,

Managed to fix it. used my IPad Pro , went into File Browser app , set up remote locations in FB App , in my case modem / router and the Naim Core , then went into core downloads folder and deleted the required Music files

Good! Also interesting as I haven’t heard about anyone doing it successfully with an iPad before. Is your iPad Pro running IOS 12 still or are you on IOS 13?



iPad os 13.3 , you can now attach and use thumb drives etc with the iPad so I can download music files onto a SanDisk thumb drive , then plug it into the front USB port on the Core and copy them over . See :

Thanks. My iPad is still on IOS12 and I found that I could connect to the Core downloads folder OK, which didn’t work when I last tried it, (which wasn’t recently!).

It would be good if one could download hi res music on/to the iPad and then move it to the Core. A thumb drive is already half way there anyway!



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