Naim Core & Naim app on iPad responding slowly

I use a Naim Core & I use the Naim app on a fairly high spec, (& lots of free space on…) iPad Air. There is NEVER a problem, apart from when I wish to add or correct the coverart for an album that I have ripped from a CD. Choosing ‘edit metadata’ works fine, but when I try to change the cover art NOT to artwork on Discogs or google, but to some cover art that I have just saved in Photos, the ipad responds REALLY slowly to 1) showing the photos in Photos, and 2) LOADING the chosen photo. I mean ½ a minute to respond to my finger touching it. I suspect it might be to do with icloud, but I’m not sure. Has anyone else had similar issues and managed to solve them please, OR have any suggestions? Thank you.

How large are these photos?

I think they vary a lot. I generally use discogs to source them, or google, direct from the ‘edit metadata’ part of the Naim app. But sometimes I just take a moderately sized screenshot. I suspect somewhere between 600x600 and 1000 x 1000. I personally think it’s not to do with the Naim app but to do with the ipad retrieving the picture from icloud. Could it be because I have my photos saved to icloud?

In the iPad, if I remember rightly you can either store the photos in the iPad and back up to iCloud or you can store in iCloud in which case it’s only a small copy stored in the iPad. This is a setting you decide on.

If you have chosen to store in iCloud to free up memory on your iPad then the iPad probably does have to get the full size copy from iCloud and that will take some time, depending on your broadband.

I keep photos on my iPad and back up to iCloud, so on the odd occasion I have wanted to use a photo from my camera roll for artwork purposes in the Naim app, it works almost instantly.

So I do suspect that your issue is due to the time to get the full size photo from iCloud.



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