Naim Core Slow/not working

I am having issues selecting music on the core. If I go via artist to play music it simply won’t work and will crash the app or is extremely slow up to 5 mins to load. I have to go via album or any other way and it works perfectly. Although it is usable going via album rather than artist it is very annoying when I don’t know the album name.

Is this happening due to something wrong or is this normal (I am assuming not) I have read that it can be caused by the quantity of music on the hard drive on this forum or at least something similar but I only have 250GB on it.

If someone can suggest a fix that would be great or if I have set it up wrong.

Thanks in advance.

A post three days ago raised an issue regarding searching via artist. They may be connected. @Paul.B may be able to advise.

Is this using the IOS or Android app? I just tried selecting an album via Artists on my Core with IOS and it worked properly as normal.

You could try doing a power off restart of your Core. That sometimes fixes odd behaviour.

Regarding the amount of music on your hard drive, 250 GB is no problem at all. The issue that sometimes people see is when their internal hard drive is almost full. The Core works happily with several TB of files, but if the disc is more than say 95% full you might get some issues.

Thank you HH I suppose it is similar issue. I didn’t see that when I was searching before. Unfortuately I don’t have an apple product to check against.

It is using the Android app, unfortuately as I said to HH I don’t have an apple device to compare against. It is a 2TB hard drive so no where near full. I will try the power off restart to see if that helps. Thank you.

I am having the same exact problem. Happens on multiple Android devices and i do not own an IOS. If i do a search by Artist name it works. If i use the Artist Icon on the main screen it just sits there with album art and no sing list. I have a feeling the 3/3 app udate is the culprit. Currently working with naim support on this. No resolution yet.

It sounds like it may be an Android app issue. You’ll see I copied Paul above, who works at Naim and is involved in app development. Fingers crossed it gets sorted, as it’s much nicer searching by artist.

Thanks for the information I must say I am glad it is not just me suffering and the core isn’t broken, lets hope it is sorted soon as it is a pain in the proverbial.

Thanks again for the help.

Isn’t there a newer version of the Android app? May be worth checking you have the latest version

I have both at home. My daily phone is an android device (Samsung Galaxy Note20), and I’m experiencing exactly what you are now.

I attach the picture of the app display on iphone11 (on the right) and my samsung note20 (the one on the left) after 1 minute I sorted the artists database. The iphone immediately showed the list right after I clicked while the samsung took around 40 seconds of blank space until it started to display, and it couldn’t even match the picture and the artists name correctly on the first try. It’s all corrected automatically only after around 2 minutes, while the iphone showed the correct display right away. Rest assured I immediately scavanged my wife’s old iphone11 for use with my Naim gears when she changed to the new iphone.

Focal Naim app tend to work (much) better with iOS devices rather than android. I don’t know how about on laptop, between macs and windows.

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You do actually, because there is no app for windows!

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Any updates on when this app issue might get sorted? I don’t really want to invest in an ithing to use my stereo.

Thanks everyone looks like an App issue after all.


Thanks @HungryHalibut for the mention - and apologies for the delayed response - I’ve had a long weekend down in sunny Cornwall visiting family!

6.1.1 contains quite a lot of fixes in this area and this issue looks like it will be resolved in 6.1.1.

Thanks Paul, that’s great. Hopefully @Biblobong will get a fix soon.

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Thank you everyone for the quick replies, really appreciate it.

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