Naim Credo price, spec's... any reviews in hi-fi magazines?

Hello there good people/ fellow enthusiasts… Could you possibly tell me how much Naim Credo’s cost new? I bought some recently/ going to pick them up today! I have Monitor Audio Gold Reference 20. I will find out whether the Credo’s are any better and let you all know if you are interested. I searched for details on the Credo’s but Google is a bit barren… Would any of you kind people be ok to share any information back in the day of these speakers??

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Reproducing printed reviews here can be difficult due to copyright, however, I can post up this product flyer from Naim.

IIRC, the Credo was well reviewed by Hifi News and also Hifi Choice, receiving a Recommended tag from the latter. As for the original price, I’ll need to see if I can find an old price list from '96/97.


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I have had Credos from new, I think they cost a bit over £1000. (Edit: £1350 in 2001)

Make sure you get a full set of pips, they are the tiny spacers between the top and bottom boxes. Replacements can be found online but they are rather expensive!

From Naim Price List, August 1996 - Credo £987-00

September 1998 - £1050-00

April 2001 - £1425-00

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IIRC, I bought mine new in 1998 for £950. I still have them as spares, and put them in the system occasionally for fun. They sound great and we’re always undervalued imo.

Not worth a lot these days, and a good pair would be a bargain.

The mid/bass drivers were shared with later versions of the SBL, the Allaes and the SL2s, albeit specifically selected and matched as pairs for the SBL and SL2. I know of at least one pair of early SBLs that have been updated with Naim drivers thanks to the sacrifice of the drivers from an old pair of Credos.

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I also acquired a pair of Credo recently and changed their tweeters with new scan-speak D2008/851100. They sound so good to my ears, driven by 42/110 and NDX. Loving them more than modern speakers.


This is exactly why I am holding on to my Credo’s. As a sacrifice to my SBL’s if the need should ever arise.

Great! Many thanks the information. I got some for £215 :wink:



Hi, nice finish on those Credos! I noticed you have them freestanding in your room, similar here. I find the LF extension is lacking but the mid-treble are the best I have from any speaker in any of my set-up (I have had Heco, Dynaudio and more recently Monitor Audio GR20). Anything you can suggest to improve the bass? I.e. would moving to Naim speaker cable help at all? Any recommendations welcome from all you kind people…

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Credos, Intros, SBL, and DBL should be placed up against a (preferably solid) back wall, couple of feet away from corners. In the pic above … I’d say moving back to the window is worth a try.

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… if nec … maybe at the same time taking the “inside” position instead of the MA’s … so that they have the slim section of solid wall between the glass panes to help them out. If they’re not sounding great, it could be time for a preamp upgrade, or maybe a hicap for the 122x … they’re more revealing speakers than their price suggested.

Not so with Intros and Credos. Approx 30cm from back wall always suited mine best. They are not a boundary design speaker like the SBL or DBL.

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No probs, not my experience, anyway a case of suck it and see.

Hi, thank you. I plan to setup them in another room in the near future. I believe 30cm from the rear wall should be good for Credo to provide decent bass.

I guess I’ll need to tune the bass with placement. Nearly every online photo of a setup I have seen has them freestanding??

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I would without question move that pair up against the wall, at least to try it. Nothing to lose, and I’d expect bass to be deeper and cleaner. See what you think! If left one is a tiny bit boomy, move to the right a bit. BTW - what a lovely set.

In my experience with Credos and Allaes, the room can dictate placement with backs very close to the wall, or sometimes further out. In at least one room I’ve even had them a couple of feet into the room, but normally I try close to wall first and then go from there. It’s really a case of trying and seeing what sounds best.

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Still in daily use …have never been serviced , modified , inmproved or messed with .