Naim Credo speakers crossovers mounted inside - good idea

First post.
Have seen a pair of Naim Credo speakers for sale with the crossovers mounted inside, is this a good idea ? Does it diminish the sound of the speakers or make them liable to problems in the future.
I have NAP140/NAC32/HiCap will this be ok to run the Credos ?
Any comments gratefully received.

They will be fine. The early Credos had internal crossovers.

You need to listen first if possible, these are now old speakers.

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AFAIK the Credos were launched in 1996 with their internal crossovers and then later on in that same year they were quickly upgraded with external crossovers. Not sure as to the reasons why.


Perhaps @Richard.Dane can offer an insight here…?

Yup, the first year the crossovers were internal, then in 1997, revised with the CXO external crossovers. This made them easier to use with the IXO active crossover.


Thanks very much for the info, i was concerned it was some diy job placing them inside. Now i just have to consider the money and logistics of pick up.

Credos should be a good match for your amps.

Make sure it comes with all the pips that are essential for separating the top and bottom sections

The early Intros with internal crossovers seemed a bit brighter than the external crossover version when it appeared … not sure if the same applied to Credos.

Many thanks again for all the advice.
I bought the Credos, checked i got the pips,managed to transport safely and have set them up and so glad got the confidence to buy them. Sound absolutely great through my Naim amps, wonderful…hit my ears sweet spot, beautiful space they create and let the sound float in …can’t wait to work my way through all the stuff i want them to play for me in their own way.
All the best.


Agree - loved them.

I have a pair of elderly Credos , with external crossovers , paired with a Unity Star .
To my 74 year old ears the combination is excellent and more than adequate for my needs .I have never suffered from upgradeitis , an incurable condition with no known remedy .
Just listen and enjoy the music and resist the temptation to tinker.

Great stuff. I ran a pair of Credos for over twenty years. Fantastic speakers. Good on you for taking a punt on a pair. Enjoy your music!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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