Naim customer support really this bad?

Not 100% sure where to post this.

I am new to naim products and reached out about a question on my nova. It has been around 2 weeks and i have not received a reply. I revived an email originally stating they are quite busy with requests but i would have assumed i would have gotten a reply by now.

i know my product is on the cheaper level for naim but i was hoping for some info by now. Has anyone else had this experience?


I am sorry to hear that.

Maybe @Naim.Marketing could check the status of your ticket or request if you are sharing some details.

I hope that everything will get sorted soon.



Thanks for the reply, will do.

my questions this time is a bit trivial i assume, but the concern was if i was having a bigger issue.

Also im aware covid has really screwed things up so im all for them taking a little longer to stay safe.

I always go through my dealer…it just works.


What’s the problem?

You may get the help you need on here.

hello, i ended up digging around here and putting together and answer.

It was about the wobbly power socket in the back of the nova, i asked if that is normal and if it was why? Just to learn a little more about it.

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Firstly, thanks for buying Naim - hope you’re enjoying your Nova! Power socket totally normal - it’s that way for the best reasons (to reduce microphonic interference).
Secondly, please let me know your ticket number and I will follow up with the support team in morning, to understand delay response.


I see Clare has answered, but anyway regardless that Naim make much more expensive units than the Nova, it is nevertheless an excellent and very high quality unit that Naim is proud of and I’m sure you will be happy with it.

Naim support can often help quickly, but otherwise you will also find that people here have the answer too.




Thank you very much for the reply here and on email as well. I am not one to jump right to yelling in a forum i imagine this might have just been missed or with everything going on was delayed in a reply etc… crazy times.

Again my concern was more, its expensive and i wanna make sure this was not normal for naim to sell something and ghost customers. Im glad it is not!

This is great to know that its normal and with a reason! Cool stuff! I have been enjoying the nova its a really sweet piece of gear!

Thanks again for the reply and understanding!

No excuse for late / non replies. Whatever the circumstances. It’s 2021. We support over 120 countries by email. Often in under 1 hour. There are 5 of us.


Why not send your CV to Naim? :wink:
I’m sure they could do with your expertise!:sunglasses:


This should be in the manual somewhere [1]. Decoupled “wobbly” power sockets have been a Naim feature for a long, long time now.

[1] I’ve looked and cannot find this mentioned.


Lol you can’t directly compare markets, but we have 2 guys continuously answering support questions 5 days a week. Usually within the hour. 100,000 installed products. It’s 2021.


I agree a bit on that, because I often read here that some are waiting since many weeks for their response. Of course that often is maybe 5 or 6 members, perhaps not representative. But not completely normal however.
I like Naim products, their philosophy of sound first, the sound of Naim.
But some aspects are not optional, like customers communicating or control quality before a product leaves the factory.

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I know we are in difficult times, but allocate some staff to 100% customer responses.


Sorry it I’m on Naim’s side on this one. Pre covid the service was first rate. At a time when my banks, insurers, major department stores, schools, etc etc are all constantly apologising for a large reduction in their ability to sort out customer service I can forgive a electronics company of small volume for not being at their (usually great) best.
Some companies do have to stuff customer service for all the wrong reasons Naim isn’t one of them.


I have to admit I never had an issue contacting Naim in the half a dozen or so times I needed their help. Either via mail or phone, they have always been exemplary when it comes to customer service.

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I’m with Gazza on this. First port of call ought to be the dealer/retailer who sold you the box. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t email Ford HQ if you were wondering about the feel of some of the switchgear in your Ford Focus. If you did, I would expect you might wait a little while for a response!


As I also have an outstanding ticket I’d be interesting to know what the current turnaround is. I’m loathe to draw comparisons with other organisations and their user base or staffing levels as the number of variables in a pandemic are huge. However, a rough idea of the expected turnaround at present would be really helpful.

I sent a request in 10 weeks ago about replacing the screen on my Uniti. I’m still waiting for a reply. Two weeks to reply is lightning fast by Naim standards. Consider yourself lucky!