Naim DAC...and SN2 ...and 272?

Has anyone used a Naim DAC with a Supernait 2?
How was it?

And is the Naim DAC a better DAC than the 272 DAC?
And why, or why not?

Would 272/250DR be better than Naim DAC/SN2?


I had NDX NDAC XPS into SN2. I prefer 272 250DR, albeit with 555pSDR now.

The NDAC needs a decent input in my experience. The SN2 has a slight thinness in the upper mid-band. If you pay attention to balancing these issues the combination can work nicely.

The NDAC really only comes into its own with and XPS - in my experience.


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I used that combo for almost six years, ever since Naim released SN2. I always had HCDR PSU with it. At first, Naim DAC was bare and then last ~two years with upgrade PSU. I very much enjoyed the combination. During that time I briefly owned NDX also but quickly sold it since it didn’t sound as good as nDAC.

272 I have only auditioned with ATC SCM19A active speakers so not a direct comparison with nDAC. I used upgrade PSU with it. It didn’t impress me with 19A’s though, somehow raw sounding compared to the refined and smoother signature of Naim DAC and my old setup. I also liked PSAudio DirectStream and Metrum Audio Jade clearly better with 19A’s. Eventually ended up with Linn ADSM and 40A’s though.

I’d say that 250DR has more drive for speakers than SN2 but 272 doesn’t beat Naim DAC as a source. For SN2 I recommend the HCDR, it really makes a clear improvement.


Interestingly, after trying with a few HCDR’s over the years I found the SN2 more ‘together’ bare. It all just goes to show that at this level the margin of small differences means you have to use your own ears.


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I had nDAC with SN1 (a different beast, I know), but did run the nDAC with an XPSDR and the SN with a HiCapDR (using dedicated Mac Mini and CD5XS as sources). For me, the move to 272/250DR (kept the XPS) was a substantial upgrade in SQ. I did not compare the two DACs directly, so other factors may have played a part, but I’ve never regretted going the 272 route. Whether I’d buy a new one now I’m not sure, but pre-loved, I still think it would be a great purchase.


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