Naim dac compatability

Hello I have a naim dac and want to connect it to my SSD player/recorder via a digital coax cable. Am I right in thinking that it will only accept wav files from the SSD and not mp3? Playing a CDRW disc into the dac recorded in mp3 works (ripped/burnt from a computer). I did check the forum as to how best use the usb input to play the odd music file in wav but found the dac can be a pit picky as to the make of usb stick and if the music is in a folder. I wondered if anyone found a definitive answer. I know I am going back a long way, but I am not yet ready to commit to a streaming music service.

So long as your device outputs a 2 channel PCM digital output via the s/pdif the DAC will be fine with it.

I can play MP3 as well as most formats (wav, m4a, flac…) with my nDac :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. Checked the manual for the SSD and it states Digial Out Jack IEC60958-3 (S/PDIF) and AES3-2003/IEC60958-4 (AES/EBU) Switchable. I assume one of them would be compatible with the dac?

Yes, the S/pdif output should be fine.

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