Naim DAC - Link Plug Pinout

Hi all,

I have the Naim DAC, however I recently sold power supply as part of a recent system upgrade (never ends does it!).

I’ve tried looking for the pinout online to temporarily use my DAC, but am not having much success online.

Photo of my unit noted below. Could someone with this info please share?

Thank you kindly in advance.

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking here. I would just re-fit the link plug, or are you saying it’s not working even when the link plug is fitted? Or maybe you have lost the plug?

I suggest contacting your dealer to speak to Naim to get a replacement plug sent out for you to purchase, or buy online from tom tom audio shop.
You want part number 04-001-0108 and they are £115.

Many thanks for your prompt reply.

Locally no one has them, I’m being told it’s weeks to “Months” to order and receive one.
Based on the shipping issues within my own country, I can only imagine how long it would take to receive something from tom tom audio shop, if they even deliver here.

Hoping someone on this forum can help me with the pin arrangement so I’m not waiting months to actually use this again.

That rather falls into the realm of DIY, so outside of forum rules. I would certainly not be trying to “hot wire” the DAC here. Fit the correct link plug, or a suitable PSU, or leave well alone.

Tom tom audio ship to the UK and the EU. If you are not in the EU, ask them. If you dont ask you dont get.
Reverse engineering this plug cannot be discussed on the forum.
Completely different thing, but I had something arrive from the Netherlands to the UK in about a week. I have a book coming from the US. Things are getting posted around the world still.

You won’t get this info here because we aren’t allowed to discuss, even if we know, which probably none of us do.

Your best bet if you need an interim fix is to discuss with Naim support and ask to escalate inside the company if necessary. The forum rules might leave you without any help for months but I doubt that Naim senior management would want that.



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Just search Google for Naim burndy pinout. You’ll find it.

Note there are several layouts, and the pin layout itself will not help you recreate a link plug. I assume one or more or all pairs are possibly connected.

Regardless, all DIY solutions are off limits for discussion. Replacement Naim link plugs can be purchased online.

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Yup, and why bother for a bit over gbp 100.

This might be a silly question, but did the Dac come with the link plug when you first got it? If you used it without the power supply you must have the link plug somewhere. Maybe it’s in the box.

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