Naim DAC Power Supply

Ah makes total sense!

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I had a similar experience at the time, Simon, preferring the nonDR 555PS. However, a few years and upgrades later, when more DR components were in my system, my preference changed and I got my 555PS upgraded to DR. My guess is that DR components are synergistic (if that’s a word).

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Hi yes, it was only with the nDAC I preferred the nonDR… I suspect when the nDAC was developed, only nonDR powersupplies existed and the nDAC was possibly optimized or ‘voiced’ for the PSU tech used at that time. I think I am right in remembering the NDS was developed around the same time of the DR PSUs hence why it possibly sounds better with DR PSU technology.

The non DR vs DR might not be relevant when using a Naim integrated.

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I don’t follow, we were talking about the DACs I believe, not the amps.

The OP has an integrated amp. People suggesting there is a difference between DR and non DR power supplies seem to be using Nac552 or similar.

Will the difference between DR and non DR be noticeable, given the OP has an integrated amp.

Yes it was with me, the amp had nothing to do with it.
The difference between the regulator technology on the 555 PSUs with the nDAC led to somewhat different presentations… with the nonDR providing a more organic and earthy type sound which to my ears sounded more pleasing and engaging and less ‘hifi’ as with the DR 555 on the nDAC. It was not particularly subtle at all for me, certainly not the kind of thing that needed a high end standalone preamp to discern at all. The nDAC doesn’t really play at that level… in my opinion.
At the time I noticed this using Naim and I think Cyrus amplification of various types, but definitely not a 552.


Ok, after much reading and internal justifying, I’m leading towards the aggressive step of adding a ND5XS2 AND the 555PS and assume the latter will need to be serviced before two long. My only issue now is that I’m basically out of cabinet space for an extra box. As it stands now, I have three rather wide shelves with the Supernait 3 on top, the nDac and Qutest in the middle and all of the various streamers and power supplies below. I have the height to stack two components if need be until I figure out another solution. Would it be an issue to stack other the nDac or ND5XS2 on top of the 555PS. I would remove all of the digital gear to make space for the ND5XS2 either way. Might there be another possible solution? I can take a picture of the current setup later if that would be helpful.

The usual thinking is to not stack small signal units (streamers, preamps, DACs etc) directly on top of high power units (PSUs & power amps), because of the significant electrical fields generated by the big transformers polluting the small signal circuits.


So maybe nDac on top of the ND5XS2? These could potentially go above or below the Amp and Power Supplies?

I stacked my nDac on top of my ND5XS2 for awhile until I could afford to purchase a XPSDr and fraim shelf. TBH SQ was fine. Make sure you have something between the feet else you’ll leave a mark on the case.

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Again the received wisdom is each unit on its own shelf. Having said that though, just this morning I stacked a CD3.5, NAT03 and Flatcap cos I don’t have enough shelves in my wife’s system.

I am a bad person…… :grinning:

If you must stack then put bits of paper under the feet; the rubber/plastic feet have a tendency to soften over time and leave a sticky mess on the unit below (and on beige carpets……)


It’s obviously a suboptimal arrangement for the time being. I may be able to add another shelf, but in the meantime I would like arrange the components in the least problematic way possible.

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It worked for marcusman, so I would say go for it :smiley:

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Do it, you’ll be fine for a while. You’ll note the ND5XS2 and nDac visually match stacked together so a small visual bonus IMHO :wink:

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Ok, thanks for the moral support. So for the next question, how would you arrange the black boxes? From top to bottom, I’m thinking Supernait 3 then nDac stacked on ND5XS2 then PS555. What say you? HiCap DR can go next to any of the big boxes so that’s flexible

The order I have from top to bottom
nDac, nd5xs2, sn3, xpsdr, hicapdr.

If you were to stack them separately from your AV unit you can even just separate them using two lengths of 3x2 or 4x2 wood battens (upright, per unit) until you have something better.

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Well in my experience the nDac is sensitive concerning placement, stacking order as well as what surface it is placed upon… Just the other day I rearranged the nDac to the top shelf and CD5XS as a transport further down and have the impression of better sound quality now.

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