Naim DAC remote control

Does anyone have experience use use Naim preamp remote control on Naim DAC? I have a Naim DAC and Naim Supernait, is a mini-jack is required?

“2.5 Remote Control Output and Input
The DAC can send and receive remote control signals to
enable the following functions:
• Automatic preamplifier input switching.
• Use of an external IR sensor.
The DAC Remote Control In and Out sockets require a
mini-jack (3.5mm) plug. Naim preamplifier Remote Control
In sockets require either a mini-jack or RCA phono plug.
Your Naim retailer will be able to provide an appropriate
cable if necessary”

I tried the instruction in #3.1, but it didn’t work. Maybe because I need a mini-jack cable to connect the DAC and Supernait? And what kind of mini-jack cable it’s referencing to?

“3.1 Remote Control Link
When the DAC and preamplifier remote control is linked,
selecting a DAC S/PDIF input, or docking USB hardware, will
also automatically select a preamplifier input. Aux 1 is set
as the default but this may be changed by following the
steps described below:
• With the preamplifier switched on and in normal
operational mode, simultaneously press and hold the
DAC front panel 1 and 2 buttons until they illuminate.
• Press either the DAC 1 or 2 button to select each
preamplifier input in turn. The preamplifier button
indicators will illuminate to indicate selection.
• When the desired input is selected, press and hold
the DAC 1 and 2 buttons simultaneously to store the
selection and return the DAC to normal operation.”

Thanks in advance!

Oh, never mind, just figured that out, I actually had the DAC and preamp linked already following #3.1 in the manjual, but didn’t realize press 7,8,9,0 on the remote headset will select 1,2,3,4 from the DAC input. It’s working now, nice feature!


Good to hear - glad you managed to work it out in the end.

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