Naim DAC-V1 as a pre-amp?

I am looking for a Pre-amp for my system.

I have only just realised that the DAC V1 is a pre amp of sorts, my question is, how does this product compare with naim pre’s and do you think that it will it drive my amplifier, a NAP 300DR satisfactorily?

I appreciate that this is a digital input only device, but as I mainly stream these days this would not be a great hardship. I am considering using a dcs network bridge as a source.

I currently use a SuperUniti as my pre amp into my NAP 300DR, do you think that the DAC V1 would offer an improvement in quality over my SU when used a pre amp?

Some insight here, which may be of value -

Thank you Jude, that is most interesting

I used it for a while as a pre amp and was surprised how well it preformed. It replaced an old 102 (mid 90s). I only really changed because I was looking for a streaming option. You could do much worst.

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