Naim Dac-V1 + Nap 100 + Mac - Low sound level


I have a Dac-V1 connected by an USB with my Apple Mac wit OS Monterey.

The sound level output is very low. I can not turn it harder to a normal sound level. It seams the DAC is in a protective mode? It is both when i use the DAC V1 as a headphone amp and when i use the NAP 100?

When i connect an other DAC on my Mac, the sound level is fine and i can turn the volume up to a normal and high level?

I installed new firmware.
Tried alle different settings on the DAC-V1
New USB cable

Nothing helped.

Does anyone know what to do?

Hope to hear.

Kind regards willem

Hi, the settings are pretty simple.
Fixed output on or off - you want “off”
And maximum volume setting - increase this if it doesn’t get loud enough for you.


Hi Robert,

Thx for your help.
I checked my settings PreAmp output.
Fixed Output is off
Max Volume is 100

It is still not possible to increase sound to a normal level.

Do you have any other suggestions?

Kind regards Willem

That should be able to deafen you. This system is not a quiet one - when required - you can play ac/dc and get complaints from your neighbours.

I suggest going through this and making sure your mac is setup correctly. Master volume should be at 100%. <— I bet it’s this causing your issue.

Do you have a CD player you can connect to the coax or optical input? that would help you eliminate the dac v1/nap 100.

Otherwise I suggest contacting your local Naim dealer to check over the equipment.

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How are you connecting the DAC V1 to the NAP100 and NAP100 to your speakers?
Pictures may help.

Hi Robert, thx for your reaction and the hint to check the optical.
I put a CD player to the optical input.
And the same result.
The volume is very low and i can not get it higher.

It seems that the when you increase the sound, it increases from 0-40 and from 40-100

it stays the same.

So it has not to do with my Apple but with the settings of the Dac?

Kind regards, willem

Hi, I suggest trying to reset the settings. Something is not right. Go into the firmware settings, and choose “set defaults”.

I wonder if there’s a problem with your DIN4 cable.
Have you tried using RCA interconnects between the two?

I had an incorrectly mapped DIN cable a few months back that produced the same problem you’re experiencing.

That’s another option to rule out the interconnect. It looks like the genuine Naim one that comes in the box, so should be wired correctly.
If headphones are also affected, then it’s pointing at the dac v1 with the issue.

Hi there again, thx again for thinking along with me.

What I did based with the last input:

  • I removed the DIN cable
  • I set Defaults
  • 1 removed the USB cable

When listen to my CD player (via optical) with my headphone, the sound level is still very low and I can not increase it to normal level.

The same when I connect the DIN cable again to the NAP, and listen via the speakers my cd player, the sound level is also very low and I can not increase it to normal level.

Hope you can help me based on this info.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards, willem

Indeed strange.
It may be time for a visit to your Naim dealer.

If, after a factory reset, and when using more than 1 source, both the headphone AND speaker volume are low to the same degree, that strongly suggests a fault in the DAC.

Indeed, time for a visit to your Naim dealer to get it looked at.

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Did you have a chance to take this to your dealer? Was there any diagnosis?

Hi there, I send my dad-v1 to a authorized Naim repair shop in The Netherlands, they told me they could not repair it, is a problem with the volume control. I have to send it to Naim in the UK. They can repair it. They have fixed prices. I have to pay 600 euro to repair it. What do you think?

A lot of money.

What do you think? Repair or not?

Kind regards

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What can you buy for 600 euros that gives you the same functionality?

iFi Audio xDSD Gryphon DAC & Headphone Amplifier

£599 in the uk
It’s a usb dac
It’s a headphone amp
It’s a preamp with line out to connect to a power amp

£600 seems a lot of cost and fiddly with shipping possibly

I picked up an ifi dac v1 this week for the office system and it’s rather good into a a nait xs
it’s fed from a mac mini.The only connections are a usb printer type lead and 2 phonos out to the amp.
No drivers to use on the mac (when it’s plugged in the mac ‘sees it’
It has the option of using the volume control or fixed output. Headphone output
Rather neat and clear as a bell

I have used DAC-V1 with the 100 amp off and on for many years, and the combo is exceptional–classic Naim with the nDAC sound signature. You may find something with similar functionality for that price, but it won’t be the same. By the way, the USB interface is very good, but I have found the coax inputs to be better. Depends on the source, obviously.

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Hi, is the NAP100 getting very hot? Any way of ruling out a fault there?

Yes, the service price almost doubled starting this year. Even though that puts a brake on just sending everything to the UK, it might still be a good investment. It all depends on where you want to go.

I have fond memories of my DAC V-1 and agree with @AHT and @Bluesfan about it being a Naim classic. Paired with a NAP100 or NAP200 (which you could send in at the same time) and a nice streamer front end (BS Node, iFi etc.) or computer it could be all that you ever need.

In that light, when you keep it for years to come after the service, the €600 (or €1200) is very sensible. However, if you already have an upgrade path in mind away from the DAC V-1, you may just want to count your loss now. Do keep us posted!

I like my DAC-V1 but there is no way I would pay that much for the repair - just not worth it IMO. Can’t you find another service place perhaps?