Naim DBL Woofer

Did you use gasket or silicone? Did you experiment so see which is better sounding, my bet is on silicone :).

The silicon , other than providing the air tight seal, also serves to hold the woofer in place. As mentioned by Geko, when you play loud, the bolts will slowly loose their torque.


Hi , does anyone know who is the designer of the DBL ? After spending 25 years with it, it’s really hard to find a replacement. I bought a ATC150 last year and sold it within a few months. Costs aside, it just doesn’t have the same level of musicality and excitement of the DBLs.


Roy George it was.
I agree,I haven’t found any speaker that’s better when it comes to musicality and involvement.


I also agree. Two friends have Ovator 800’s, which can compete, and in some instances, offer a more balanced sound across a broader range of music. However, get DBL’s on a good systems playing live jazz or rock and roll and there’s nothing I’ve heard that comes close!


I’ve never heard a system or a speaker that comes close to my 3x500 DBLs.
More hi-fi yes, more music? Nope.


@Einstein come to hear mine :slight_smile:

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Sounds like it would make sense to use threadlock on the bolts, enabling use of a gasket that doesn’t cause difficulty with removal at a later date.

As IB suggested thread lock will work but don’t go mad with it just in case you need to remove the screws/bolts at a later date, screw lock might be better as it’s not so aggressive and helps if it’s just vibration that’s causing the fasteners to work loose over time.

Loctite have variable threadlock products from permanent, to requiring a head gun to head the bolt and soften the threadlock to the weakest one, which I use though on binding posts, not drive bolts, which just requires a tad extra force to get moving and is actually for preventing vibrational loosening.

You don’t need threadlock on drive unit bolts. Just done up to the required torque is all that’s needed. It’s a loudspeaker, not a motorbike.


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