Naim dc1 digital cable

hello everyone…I would like to ask you if there is a valid alternative to the naim dc1 rca digital cable…thanks everyone

What’s at each end of the cable in your scenario.
What connector types are required/compared.
What are you looking to compare here, build quality/price/sound signature/flexibility in terms of length/bendability and so forth.
I have a DC1 BNC to BNC I used primarily with a Naim CD player.
I’ve used Chord Electronics digital IC’s also which would be classed as similar price/performance.

There are many available - I use a DC1 and also use a Gotham AG 75 ohm BNC to BNC cable and BNC to phono - it is a fraction of the price of a DC1 and performs in a very similar way…

The reason I am using my DC1 right now - is that it is longer than my Gotham cable and better suited to my current setup

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When I auditioned a CD5XS into nDAC, my dealer lent me a couple of chord BNC to BNC cables: Signature and Indigo. I auditioned them extensively and was not entirely convinced I was hearing a significant difference between them, but eventually, after much swapping, decided the Indigo I was listening to really was superior to the other cable. However, on looking round the back I discovered that I was actually listening to the much cheaper Signature! I am expecting to be told my system wasn’t properly set up or my ears were rubbish. Probably both true, but in the end I decided that since Naim had used the DC1 in developing the nDAC that’s what I would go for.


True Signal audio offer a good alternative, sounds better imo.

If BNC to BNC is an option than a Belden 4794R SDI 12G is a good and economical alternative, if a bit on the stiff side and be careful with the radius of any curve you put in it, I got mine from Blue Jeans but it seems RS and Farnell do them too. There are also thinner versions and I have a 4694R connecting my DVD5 to the ND555 with a BNC/RCA converter on the DVD end, you’re best having one end BNC at least I suspect. Both were, I found, preferable to the cheaper Chord offerings or a Belden 1694A even with an RCA on one end.

As has been suggested in the past. If you are using a single brand of cables, its best practice to continue a coherent loom.
If you as should well be using Naim cables throughout your gear, then you should continue that.
If you have a mix, then it’s really down to your own ears.

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