Naim DC1


Has anyone ever measured the impedance of a Naim DC1 cable?

75Ohms/meter. It’s on the website.

Hi. Yes BTW it’s not per metre… we are talking characteristic impedance, CI or Zo with RF coax such as SPDIF cables., and RF cables are typically 75 ohm or 50 ohm, and SPDIF uses 75 ohm CI cable.
The CI is 75 ohm irrespective of length … as it is considered a transmission line and is designed to be used with 75 ohm sources and sink connections for optimum efficiency… and ideally (though not in practice) can be infinite length at 75 ohm

With Loudspeaker cable for example, we focus on its actual impedance as opposed to its characteristic impedance and it does increases per unit length. We don’t use loudspeaker cable as a transmission line. The actual impedance of the DC1 like much coax is probably a few 10s of millohms per metre at its operating frequency.


That’s why I’m asking if anyone has measured it…

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