Naim Dealerships,easing of Lockdown opening?

Hi all,hope this is the right category , was just wondering if anyone has any information about when HiFi dealers will be open for business.Am in desperate need as I’ve been without my system since start of lockdown. Is it as I suspect around the 15th June ?

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Signals are opening on the 16th with a variety of measures to protect staff and customers.


@Lorro1 I know @Cymbiosis are gearing up for the offical date later this month

I was in the area last week on business and Peter was kind enough to install some pre lockdown upgrades I had ordered for my LP12, socialy distanced of course by appointment only

sure he would be happy to help if he can, as you may know @Cymbiosis is based in a business park not on the high street so by appointment only

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Just got an email from Doug Brady in Warrington stating that they are planning a limited appointments based system for demos starting Monday week. Doubt if they’ll be the only ones.


Hi all,thanks for thoughts/replies,am in Chester so will give Geoff / Pete at Acoustica a call,maybe next week,I’m not one pester,just keen to get SN3 repaired asap.

It would be worth ringing your dealer now. My local dealer is operating except the showroom is closed, so if you have a repair, since Naim service dept is open again, your local dealer might be able to process a repair now.



They’re very helpful in my experience. Perhaps see if they could give you something to replace the SN3 while it’s away? And I’m sure they’d be happy to discuss active replacement for your ATCs. :grinning:


Thanks for suggestions,yes David will call to see if that’s possible, active ATC’s Roger,that’d be nice !

Been working from home over the last few months. Store re opens on June 15.

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They can probably arrange for pickup of your item by a courier for shipping to Salisbury now - I had some email discussions with Geoff a couple of months ago before that was possible (Though my system is behaving itself for now) but now It should be ok I think

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Thanks Tim ,will be calling Geoff to see what he can sort out,or best plan,I’m sure we’ll get something sorted.

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