Naim DIN4-XLR lead query

Since reconnecting stuff a few weeks ago my system hasn’t sounded quite right, admittedly I had some things serviced and now have the NAC 282 powered by 2 olive HI-CAPS not 1.

I was thinking of swapping out the NAP 250 for a different one and noticed when I touched the DIN4-XLR that I was getting noise through the speakers implying a loose connection perhaps at the XLR end.

There is a screw on the XLR end and all feels a bit wobbly, as in I can see the connectors inside move when I wiggle the cable. Is this normal/by design or should the screw be tight? Also the black outer cable cover does not extend into the connector fully so I can see the individual wires from the outside - again normal or not (coming loose).

Should I unscrew the scfrew and remove to inspect or just pop it up to a dealer or get a new one?

I actually have another where the outer cover goes into the connector and I can’t see individual wires - will check how that sounds (doesn’t immediately make any noise through speakers if I wiggle the XLR end of the cable). I’m not sure they sound much different though!

Sounds like you might have a loose connection
Also your lead sounds like it’s a bit old and ropey
Could be a good time to upgrade the cable
There’s not a lot of point opening it unless you’ve got a soldering iron to hand
If you’re thinking about getting it repaired then you may as well get a better cable
Don’t twiddle the damn thing, if you cause a short your amp will need new output transistors and the cost of a cable will disappear into insignificance


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Yes, I agree probably a loose connection. If I could find my soldering iron I’d open it up, probably simpler to ask local dealer to take a peek.

I wonder how much a new basic Naim cable would cost, and which others to consider…

The twiddling wasn’t intentional to be honest my hand brushed the cable as I tried to check it was connected securely - as often in the past one sometimes needs to be a bit of a contortionist reaching behind hi-fi kit to change/check connections :flushed: Not so easy as you get older!

If you are looking at a basic Naim cable then you might like to also consider the basic Witch Hat DIN4 to XLR.

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