Naim discontinue the Powerline for New Zealand - told to use Nordost

“You should use the one appropriate for your country. Naim make Powerlines for UK, EU, US, and NZ connections.” - Richard Dane

The above quote was from a topic on the forum in September last year. It now appears as if Naim, or the new NZ distributor, has decided to no longer supply Powerlines for the NZ market. Powerlines are not listed on any of the local websites and retailers advise they have been told by the new distributor to recommend Nordost instead. Surely this can’t be right?

This is a kick in the teeth for current Naim owners who bought into the Tapon system and can no longer add a new Powerline to their system when adding a new power supply etc. Does this mean that even the supplied mains cable no longer has a Tapon plug?

Would be great to get an official response from Naim on this as, if this is the future of Naim in NZ, I probably won’t invest in that HiCap after all and may start to move away from the brand altogether.


Interesting, I got a new 250DR from PM and there was definitely a standard kettle lead in the box, but I vaguely remember there was a Tapon lead as well. I thought it was odd to have 2 leads in the box. As I was swapping in a Powerline I already had, I wasn’t paying too much attention.

Well, servicing issues are impacting on the second hand market here I think as well.

I think all that was happening in the past was that Chris Murphy was receiving a UK powerline and replacing the UK plug with a NZ/Aust piggyback/tapon plug locally. It’s always been a quick and fairly simple job with any US or UK cables that I’ve had to install a tapon for use in NZ.

I always felt well looked after by Chris, and while my modest income has meant that I’ve never reached past 82/Hicap/250 (currently Supernait2/HicapDR), he always treated me the same as guys who could afford 500 systems and above. Naim has to do whatever it needs to survive in difficult financial times, but I don’t things will ever be the same here in NZ.

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Same in Australia. I have a Uniti Star and there are only two suggested upgrades. One being the Powerline but not sold downunder.

Powerline can be bought in Australia guys -try Harry a York at Audio Genesis in Pyrmont. Harry used to be a distributor and knows the brand exceptionally well. He also has Nordost but can guide on the sound difference.

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@Richard.Dane It would be appreciated if we could get a response from Naim on this issue.

Why are Naim no longer making the NZ version of the PowerLine?
Is it permanent, or are there plans to reintroduce them at some stage?

I can’t imagine that Naim can be happy with the ANZ distributor telling retailers to recommend Nordost instead, but in the abesence of Naim offering a product, what other options do Naim users have if we want to explore mains cable upgrades?

Chris, I don’t know I’m afraid. I’m going to arrange to go to the factory for a catch up - thanks to Covid its been more than 2 years since I was last there! I’ll see what I can find out then.

As an aside, if it were me I’d do what Chris used to do (and mentioned In Elvin Jones’ post above), order a UK Powerline and replace the UK plug with a Tapon.

Paul Money Hi-Fi will order Naim gear from England, they have just done this for me for a new remote for my NDX2. You should be able to have them get a UK lead and you can then replace the place with a Tapon (they are about $10 from an electrical shop) - it’s an easy job, or have a sparky do. The level of service you previously had is currently not there @ChrisNZ.

Thanks Richard. I understand that going by the UK is an option but would still be keen to know the reason they stopped if you can find out, especially in light of the new local distributor recommending Nordost instead, something I would imagine Naim would take a dim view of.

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