Naim during the Coronavirus

Charlie, thanks for the update. I’m sure we all hope that everybody at Naim and in the wider Naim family are staying safe and well.


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We customers, who love the brand, want the employees to be safe. Their health and safety comes first. We can wait a few more weeks for our luxury goods.


Absolutely as long as it is well communicated to us. What have you been waiting for, Bart?

I used the Royal “we.” My itches have been scratched for the time being!

We on here, by definition, love all things Naim, the brand, the kit and most of all, the music and artists Naim bring to our everyday lives. For all of this, we want the factory and all its staff to remain safe, and most of all not to return to work until it is absolutely safe to do so.

Although we love our music, the safety of those that bring it to us is paramount. With regard to music in the home, that is a first world problem, one we can wait to enhance, should we chose, when it is safe to do so. The lives of those at Naim who bring this privilege to us and the wellbeing of the NHS is however of primary importance.

It is clear from all the messages from Charlie that he is absolutely committed to this path, and thanks for the clear and unambiguous communication in that regard.

My Son, a Junior Doctor, is working on the Covid ward in a Manchester hospital. He is young with no underlying health conditions and we are confident he will endure. We are however concerned but immensely proud of what he, and the entire NHS, are doing in this ‘hour (weeks) of need’.

Keep safe, stay at home and my best wishes to all forumites.


Same to you @NigelB, you should be proud of him. Stay safe and take care. :+1:


Thanks Pete, we are, will do, you too! :+1:

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I imagine the point might be that Naim isn’t immune to the financial pressures of the crisis. It isn’t so much a question of the factory partially restarting to keeping the forum faithful happy as maintaining the business in a viable state.

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Absolutely correct. Pretty much every business will be financially impacted by what’s happening. It should not be underestimated. Naim will be no different and when the public health crisis is under control (hopefully in the next 6 months) the economic crisis that remains will be felt for a generation. That will include a significant depression in demand for luxury products. Of course we all hope and prey that Naim is able to weather the storm - with the top priority of keeping its employees safe - but we should all have our eyes wide open as to the potential implications of this for everyone.

Sadly all too true I fear.

All good reasons for Salisbury to be quite pro-active and open in communicating plans and updates to their distribution networks, not to mention their loyal customer base that sometimes spends large amounts of monies for acquiring such luxury products.

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Excellent idea, it’d be nice to know what’s on the horizon new products etc. It’ll keep a level of interest in these strange times.

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Yes, and unfortunately our lovely dealers are in a very vulnerable position, I expect.

I agree, Those who adapt with new ideas and ways of engaging with their customers will be likely to recover easier.

Exactly, those that just think things will be the same might just miss out.

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Good morning,

Another quick update from us all here in Salisbury. After a period of total factory shutdown, we are starting a phased return to production, implementing a controlled, distanced regime designed to ensure the safety of our expert workforce.

The welfare of our retailers and customers is also a prime concern. To make things even easier and safer, in the UK we are now able to ship directly from the Naim warehouse to your door. Please ask your retailer for this option when you place your order; they will still be able to offer support with installation and any post-purchase questions as usual. Many of our dedicated retailers worldwide are also offering direct shipping options for in-stock items.

We continue to offer you all our best wishes in these unprecedented times.

Thanks for your ongoing support through these unique times,



Charlie, thanks for the update. That’s great news and I’m sure we all send everyone at Naim our best wishes and hope you all keep safe and well.


Thank you so much Charlie for the quick update and new accommodations. It is much appreciated. We wish you all the best at Naim Audio.

Hi Charlie, this is the sort of great news I like to hear on a Monday morning.

Best Regards to all at naim audio.