Naim Equipment Internet Databases

Asking for a favourite band (Lifesigns)… which online databases does the Core look up. I remember seeing Brainz during ripping, but can’t recall 2 or 3 others I saw when monitoring ripping? Can anyone advise please?

I presume the Core has not found metadata or track info. You can force it to relook the databases, the main one is Rovi. If it is a newly released album the databases might not see an album for some time…the Core when powered up will keep looking. Alternatively you can manually add the cover art and track info via the Naim app.

It’s Rovi first, then MusicBrainz and that’s all of it since FreeDB went off line.

I saw that MusicBrainz has changed its API a bit but I don’t know whether the current Core firmware reflects that change. In my experience with most classical rips, it’s almost always Rovi that provides the metadata. But for instance I ripped three CDs a couple of days ago and the Core found metadata for only one of those. In that instance both Rovi and MusicBrainz had metadata.



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