Naim factory tour in 1989

I find it interesting to show a movie on naim factory in 1989. 30 years ago already.


and now, in 2019


Another good find FR - interestingly i spotted one of my old colleagues (looking very young) sat in the engineering meeting with JV. I must ask him about his time at Naim when i next see him…

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you were or are working in Naim factory?

I’ve never worked there, but it looks like one of my old colleagues has hence my comment…

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FR, I think that must have been at least back in first half of 2018.

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Any more names to faces?

Would have been around the time of mine & SWMBO’s first visit. Julian did the demo (six-pack into Briks, I think)

How many employees do Naim have today? What is their revenue?

i saw the Statement and the video is recent. Thanks for clarifying. It’s interesting to see the contrast of time.

Naim Audio is a limited company and their last accounts are freely available to view online.

I’m not sure the exact total of Naim employees at the factory right now, but it must be somewhere around 120-130 I would guess.

Charlie has confirmed that the number of employees at Naim is now around 150.

a lot of women at the factory…


An interesting review of the Naim Factory and philosophy by Hifi plus magazine. 10 pages!

Salt Lane, where Naim grew in stature in the early days. I guess there were only about a dozen or so people involved back then ??

My first demo/purchase c.1977 courtesy JV with a 32/Naps/160 into a pair of DMS Bariks all fed by an LP12 with Grace/Supex.

Not all bought at once. First came the LP12/Grace/Supex - JV used to sell T/Ts in those days. Then some time later the amps, again direct from Naim. Then sometime later, second hand, but again direct from Naim, the Bariks. But by then Naim had relocated to Southampton Road where they are now.


naim components are take away too :crazy_face:

Healthy accounts with steady turnover growth but unfortunate profits not following the same curve (hopefully plenty of R&D spend contributed to this)

FR, your email was perhaps a little ambiguous as to whether you believe having lots of women working in the factory is a good thing or not: for what it’s worth, I’d say it’s an excellent thing. For one thing, I bet women are better solderers than men (based on twenty years of teaching experience).


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It’s also irrelevant. Man, woman, black, white, who cares. It’s about doing the job.


I see relevance, engineering is a male dominated industry and Naim are helping to buck the trend by utilising those capable regardless of gender. The UK is light years behind others in embracing women, and other countries will be miles behind us. I see no negative comment from FR, only an observation.


I’ve worked in many PCB environments over the years and it has always been a mainly female dominant environment, especially where the main production cells are. The blokes are normally in the packing areas or skiving off somewhere…