Naim Factory Visit

Hi all just had post a big thank you to all the Naim factory staff that made me most welcome - on my 1st factory visit. I was quite humbled - by their attentive hospitality - despite having a stack of things to do. Also not forgetting Richard Dane … who helped set up the whole visit. Obviously i did the factory floor tour as many have done and thoroughly enjoyed it … the attention to detail - and production co-ordination was amazing - considering it is a hand crafted product. This company is truly a gem - and its the attentive people there that have the passion to make it happen.

On a personal level it was a real thrill to play my personal selection of tracks form my own usb stick … through the amazing Statement Amplifier … and listen to it in their new dem room. Also a thank you to the other visitors - who put up with my music selection - with no criticism at all!!! cheers!

I was gobsmacked when Charlie Henderson and Steve sells and the team came in to talk to us for 30mins. I discussed at length with Charlie the ‘Naim intimidation factor’ … that I once felt … and that I still detect at times when talking to people who are not into audio… aka the 'Not the 9 o’clock News ‘Woofers and Tweeters Sketch’… I came away thinking that really it would be great if all the team members - could act as ‘friendly ambassadors’ - in reality that probably already happens. It was also clear to me how seriously Naim view the forum acitivity - and that activity is a massive credit to all those who partake. This company and its products together with the forum - is truly special.


Glad you enjoyed your visit…a good that new people got the chance to meet the Naim team. They are passionate indeed.:+1:

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Glad you all enjoyed your visit I have never been to the factory but I visited my dealer on Tuesday (Another wallet emptying visit !!) and he had a gentleman from Naim visiting the shop whilst having a coffee we had a very interesting discussion on all things Naim and I have have promised a factory visit next spring.

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It must be a real thrill to visit Naim - something I’d love to do at some point…


Maybe we should all go some day ?? Get the buses booked now!

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Make sure you do! It is so worth it…

I did mine 2 years ago & I still remember the VIP treatment. And I have far from a top flight system & I was still treated the same as someone who had a Statement system would have been.

Simply a marvellous company attitude to have and all credit to Naim for still maintaining this philosophy. These tours are normally the first to go as companies look into ways of being more competitive against rivals.

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