Naim Fantasy Football

Just been reading the Football thread. What about a Naim fantasy football league?

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There’s already a league set up, we had a league of 3 teams last year!

Link is in the EPL thread.

Many thanks. I’m in!

Excellent, 7 in now. I feel like Yul Brynner.

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Ok - now I have read the scoring rules I see why everyone picks Harland as their Captain!

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Ok, 5th out of 10. Not a disaster.

Weekend’s not over yet…

That’s true. Forgot that.

Full disclosure, I am about to read the rules and how the scoring works so expect a 2nd week surge from Miggy United!

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Would it be bad taste to ask for the Naim Fantasy League winners prize (ideally a full Statement set) to be awarded at the end of the first gameweek?

I’ve just joined. Thanks for setting it up.

You’ll have to ask the management.

We all know how that will end!

one week in and one long term injury and someone transferred teams to put me over the 3 player minimum. Not exactly set it and forget it, is it?

Any chance we could all reveal our forum names against our Fantasy League names, so we can see who we are playing against?

I think mine is already obvious!!!

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Mine is AFC Stortford

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My real name of course, Jango. Jango California.

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Tricky, tricky season. It used to be Pep in the main that rotated his players, apart from Haaland.

Now I couldn’t pick a team of starters with some certainty from City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool or Newcastle!

Mine is Bobs Your Uncle…

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