Naim Flat Cap Stuff

Yes i know its been covered many times before but…i recently hooked up my CD5xs/Nait Naim 2x didnt know what to expect but find a but more bass and thats it switched back to just the CD hooked up and sounded a tad better (less bass,better imaging) to these ‘old geezer’ ears/
Just goes to show less is sometimes more?

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The flatcap is very much about less. Except plenty of space in the box.

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Which Flatcap [olive slimline, FC2, FC2X or FCXS] do you have? And when was it last serviced?

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I’ve had just about every Naim PS at one time or another and I’ve never had one that didn’t immediately improve SQ.


I have an original CD5 coupled to a Flatcap XS and when I first did that the improvement was significant.

It may be of course that the native power supply of the CD5 XS is far better than the original CD5.

To my ears, the FCXS did improve SQ when used on my CD5XS, but the improvement was modest. Whether it’s worth £1k I’m not so sure.


Only time performance degraded was with a PSU past due for a service. If sound gain ms weight but it’s a bit slow and leaden or if it goes other way with a harshness creeping in then that can indicate need for a service.


PeakMan makes a good point. The FCXS offers so much (apparent) flexibility, yet cries out for bigger and better Caps. But there’s not enough headroom in the chassis. Hence the price/value conundrum.


Flat Clap XS and never been serviced sounds like another entry in the never ending
spend more money on Naim kit?

The earliest FCXS dates from 2009. From your original post it looks like you just prefer your CD5XS bare.

I owned 2 very old and tired Olive flat caps when I bought my first Naim system (cd3.5/92/90). I was not that impressed in the difference they made. Then I learned about servicing. :grinning:

Having a major listening session with the flat cap disconnected/connected playing music with bass dominate with the flatcap bass sounds heavy/splashy without not
so. The flat cap is a 2009 model CD 5XS ditto (but serviced since) and the Nait XS2
is a 2015 model,as been said maybe the XS2 doesn’t need any help?
Dont want to have to send the flat cap for attention(moneys too tight to mention!)

If you prefer the sound without then trust your ears. If my Nait5si is anything to go by I would not expect that an XS2 would need any help. I did heard one at my dealers while having a TT upgrade fitted and it sounded very impressive in all areas. If it were me and I were looking for significant improvement I would be looking at a Supernait rather than adding a PS. Incredible value for money used.

One on Ebay at the moment 1800 GBP auction {or} a HiCap 2 DR

I can see where you are going with this :joy:

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