Naim for Harbeth P3ESR

Clearly it is a step up, that’s obvious to anyone. All I was asking is whether source upgrades will follow. The wider you open the window the more crud comes through, and upgrading a system in reverse rarely works well.

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they always do :slight_smile:

Actually, the problem is they often don’t, and the proud owner of the mullet is on here expressing their disappointment. With a 202/200 and the Harbeths one should be looking at an NDX2 level source.

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The OP is right when in thinking that a 200/202 combo would power the Harbeths better, but good amplification that is not matched by reasonably good sources can show up the shortcomings .

I used to have a Rega 3 with that set up, and it wasn’t a match made in heaven

The Rega 3 is a very good TT at it’s price point .

I do feel there is risk of an imbalance arising

NDX2 is considered a match for 282/250 level as well, so I would not necessarily aim at this source level with 202/200 combo.

Each to their own, but a Rega P10 and NDX2 with a Supernait 3 works for me. I wouldn’t have it any other way. If an Arcam rDAC and 202/200 works for someone else, it’s their choice, but I’d suggest it’s not the best route to a satisfying system.

I would say that an NDX2 was a great match for a Supernait or 202/200. With a 282/250 it really wants an XPS. In fact an XPS would by no means be wasted when used with a 202/200 either.

I understand what you mean, as I told you I’m going step by step, next step will be a new DAC or streamer/DAC. For the moment I have a friend who borrow me a Chord Mojo in order to understand if the Rdac is so terrible

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I’d get the 202/200/Hicap. They are great in my opinion and serviced 2 years ago If the price is right, sound perfect.

Next step would be to upgrade the sources. But one can’t do everything at once right. It sounds like an opportunity to me, If the price is right that is.


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