Naim for JBL 4343


yesterday i had chance to spend some time with

JBL 4343
Quicksilver 25W integrated amp
EMT 950 turntable

The setup is very :-

dynamic - quick response to transients

revealing but not edgy - ears dont bleed

bass - very good - possibly the amp will open up some more - but even at this level an untrained ear will have nothing to complain about

doesnt discriminate between music - One can play Bollywood ( new or old ) and Stevie ray Vaughan or Simon Garfunkel ( what a revelation ) with the same verve - this shows a fantastic source…

The music is well integrated and as a whole - wonderful.

The closest 2nd in his setup ( which i have heard ) was the Rethm Saadhana V2 but even that gets surpassed by this by atleast 2-3 country miles … :grinning:

Mind you the Saadhana V2 is an amazing speaker in its own right… ( Hats off )

I musk think of all the hard work that is put into the system to make it play at this level.

Perfect positioning ( down to a few mm ) - no toe in

an understanding of his music requirements - so important and then buying the hardware to suit.

His interconnects and speaker cables dont cost more than USD 400 ! ( Radio Shack )

No pain. No gain - simple.

A small speaker cannot do this magic IMO

Yes - yesterday was nirvana - i had mine i think and another friend also had his slice of heaven.

Listening to home setups is an eye opening experience and this was no different.


I started this thread as i wanted to ask @Richard.Dane and other experienced members - which Naim amp would be suitable in this setup - the owner of the setup is looking to try a few amps

Maybe a Nait 2 ?

The criterion is excellent matching with the 4343 - his music tastes are old Bollywood ( but excellent recordings ) and rock .

He likes details in the music but that must not bleed the ear.

Once you hear this rig - one will understand Bollywood music has its own detail and rhythm and ebbs and flows and those voices sound magical !

he is only into top notch vinyl playback - he has had his time - more than 20 years with CD’s and streaming and now has settled on only vinyl.

Please suggest…

Here is a pic with the owners permission…


Always had a soft spot for vintage JBL’s like these and the L100 Century models.

The 4343s are a bit of a bucket list speaker for me. I was totally smitten when I heard a restored pair that had been rescued from the Deutsch Schallplatten facility. They were just so much fun to listen to. They were being driven by just a Nait 5i as well!

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Thank you…

do you think the Naim Nait 5i-2 ( which i have in the loft ) is worth a try or maybe he could look at the vintage Naim classics…

his next amp will be a Yamaha CR 620 receiver…which he wants to try out…

Its a very interesting product and he says one of those folks who sample vinyl and grade them for high dollar sale - is a recco from him.

any more suggestions from the naim family tree ?

Need not be expensive - there is much fun and value to be had when the amp is just right for the speaker…


The 4343s are very efficient so I reckon you could even drive them with a NAIT. I would certainly try your NAIT5si with them, but don’t skimp on the source.

His source is magnificent - EMT 950 + Only EX records.

I was wanting to ask if a Naim Naca5 is super required for the trial ??

The NAIT 5si will probably be fine without NACA5, but don’t use anything mad like low inductance or high capacitance stuff.

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