Naim Forum thinks I live in Scotland. Advice Please

Can anyone shed some light please.
If I go into my preferences, it is saying, since May 25th, that my " recently used devices" are in a town in Scotland.
They are not.
I have reset my password, no difference.
Is there something sinister going on that I should be worried about?

Any thoughts would be welcome please.

Update. I have just looked at the same thing on another Forum that I frequent. On there I come up as Woking, Surrey. Miles away again.
However the login times does suggest it is me and not someone else

I had a similar problem a year ago. Location suggested I was in Oxford or just outside London.

Can’t recall the reason, but nothing sinister.

See what others have to say.


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That information is not visible to other forum users, so at least not giving out that information - false or not. Presumably the info is available to Discourse administrators, though whether that includes Naim I don’t know. But from a personal security point of view, the information being incorrect is probably a good thing!

It’s not very accurate, so I wouldn’t be too concerned by it, and similarly it thinks my devices are being used in Scotland too, so doubtless an ISP thing.

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I suspect its more to do with your ISP, router, hub or similar rather than the Naim app.
Mine has never shown an error that I’ve noticed with both the devices I use - “Windows Computer” or “iPad” - and opening up ‘Show (number)’ it shows all listed correctly going back to 10 May.
And if its relevant my ISP is BT & I’m on BT SmartHub-2

I’m in Scotland but all my Apple devices log me as London.

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How strange. I’ve just checked this and my recently used devices both say Emsworth, which is where I am.

Out of interest I just checked my location. It seems I’m at home, which is nice.

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It would seem that I am in Prescot. Must stop drinking so much on a saturday night. Hope I’m not breaking the lock down guidance

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Just checked mine on the desktop.

I’m actually at home south of Bristol, not living there. Nice to find out I’m active!

Decided to login on the mobile at the same time to see what happened and that appeared fine.


I am in Berkshire and Apple has me from Scotland to Oxford

I get more concerned when my credit card turns up in a country I’ve never visited…

I’m guessing it depends on which optimal server your internet provider happens to be using at any given time, which will vary from time to time.

Right now, TalkTalk are using a server based in Stockton-on-Tees, in County Durham, whilst I’m actually North East of York … the Forum, however, has me in Bridlington, on the coast.

Noting to be worried about.

Thanks for the replies everyone. Reassured, thank you.

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I’m in sunny Cornwall, however my Vodafone network thinks I’m in Luton on both mac and pc

…and it good to know I haven’t been transported and still located in Seattle, WA!

"Naim Forum thinks I live in Scotland. Advice please. "

Wear a kilt and drink lots of Iron - Bru ,


:laughing: :+1:

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Don’t forget the battered Mars bar


And choose your football team carefully. :thinking:


My Grandfather supported Hearts, so it is what it is.