Naim Fraim advice

Hello, I’m planning to buy 2x 3 levels naim full fat Fraims for 7 boxes: ndx2,555ps, N52, PSSC, 135s, DC3PS. Olive and Classic aesthetically won’t match very well, but my priority is sound quality. Can you please advise which placement of equipment would be more efficient? More important, does standard 1.25 cables from the left bottom will reach preamp on the top of the right Fraim? My all interconnects are 1.25 Morgana, so not willing to change them to different lengths.

What is a DC3PS?

My setup has a Supercap feeding a 252, with the audio ending up in the 300 from the SC. The Morganas only just made it across to the 300 when the 2 boxes weren’t at the same height. They reached but only just.

Not sure how that would relate to your boxes. They connect to the left of the SC (viewed from the front) but connect one each side to the 300.

While Excel is nice to get a quick overview on stacking options, if you use a ruler and a piece of paper you can draw everything to scale and easily figure out cable lengths and dressings

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A. Because SC is as low as it can go… But I might swap the NDX2 and the 52 over…

Wots a DC3 PS…?


And yes to @Suedkiez 's suggestion. Draw it out to scale - even if only roughly…

Power supply for switches.

Are they SMPS’s… If so… banishment might be needed…

Looks like a Sean Jacobs DC3 so it’ll be linear rather than switching.

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There are only 2x NAP135s. The diagram shows two proposed layouts :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit - I thought the same when I first saw the diagram too…

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You are correct… I cannot count…
But 4 135’s… would be nice…!! :smiley:

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Indeed - the classic 4 pack :sunglasses:

I would be happy with 2 135’s…
But I am in a happy LTR with my 1985 vintage 250… :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is my system on Fraim. For you:





Keep the power supplies on the right. Preamp and source on left with power amps underneath the sources.

Mix and match looks good IMHO.


You may need to reconfigure right stack depending on cable lengths but the general idea is brain left and brawn right. Slight compromise is keeping poweramps in left stack but will work at the bottom.

What are you using the DC3 for out of interest?



Umm… I can see a Lingo… and something Naim on top of the right stack…
And a silver box, top of left…?

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Lingo 1 serviced by Darran at Class A fairly recently and Graham Slee Reflex M phono stage.

I got quite a bit of advice on stacking and it’s always a compromise as I have CDS3 on right which should ideally be on the left.

You do the best you can but like I say brain (sources and preamps, power amps without power supplies such as 300 or 500) on left and power supplies on right. I have had the 2 x 135s on right at the top as well when I didn’t have the CDS3. Think I had Lingo at bottom on left stack.

It’s a juggling act the more you have.

Or you keep all the sources and preamp at the top of the stacks.

@Dan_M - Thank you. I loose Naim House Points for not recognising the CDS3… :cry:

I have just the one stack, on Isoblue - with my Lingo under my LP12 on a separate stand…

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All you need to do is look at my profile. It’s all there ! :laughing:

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