Naim Fraim Colour

I’ve got some secondhand fraim but I’m not sure if they are ash or maple, I sent a mail over to naim who thinks it’s ash but when I’ve been to my local dealers there ash fraim looks a lot lighter

I need another shelf but would like it to match

What do you think the colour is?


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Maple. Ash is lighter.

And the grain on ash is more pronounced. I have one stack ash and one stack maple. Prefer the maple but Naim have stopped making it. They blend okayish.

Looks Maple to me (which I have), noting a lot of mine has deepened in colour over the years. Having purchased mine incrementally (as the kit stack grew), it’s noticeable how some of the veneer has changed colour and other stuff has remained lighter, even when kept away from direct sunlight. It’s just the way some wood products mature over time.

I think Naim also had to change supplier at one point(?).

Another vote for maple, ash looks more like these

Thanks for that, now the fun trying to find a shelf to match

Here’s mine in natural ash

Here’s another - the maple has a more interesting grain than boring old ash i think. I chose natural ash because it’s very light in colour, ideal to help brighten up my rather small listening room and to break up the black from the boxes.

Your ash shelves seem browner in the grain, thanks for the photos this is really helpful

Mine are natural ash as well but they are darker because of humidity here I presume.

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