Naim Fraim - Cup Which way is up?

I cant see this in the FAQ guide, but had set my Fraim up with the counterintuitive logic of the ball sitting on the underside, hope that makes sense ?

Doh I have them the wrong way, thanks @hungryhalibut

How do you get them the wrong way round?

I dunno, I recall when I tried the DIY ball,cup and Naim spec glass I looked at the Naim dealer picture of the ball/cup with was arse end upwards, I should have posed the question here.

Be I interesting maybe like Naim chips better upside down :innocent:

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Not so silly. Some do indeed prefer Naim Chips upside down…

Did you polish the balls and check that the glass is the right way up while you were sorting out the cups?

No was a quick setup following @Richard.Dane guide I skipped the tapping, will redo and polish my balls also

I could never hear a difference between the 2 sides of the glass by “dinging”

I can’t believe people have actually dinged their glass, hooked everything up, played it for a while. Then tore it all apart, donged the glass, set it all back up and played it, and can unequivocally noticed that one way was better than the other. Hard to believe for me anyway.


This is new to me, how do you know which side is the right side visually?

I could hear it on some glass but not on others but I don’t think it makes any difference in any case.

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I recall reading someone mention Naim check each piece of glass and allot os rejected.

From my Mana Phase 7 and 5 stacks I was an expert tapper, but that was different as 4 points, levelling and achieving the correct ring.

@Richard.Dane does mention the ding in his Fraim FAQ, but also as optional.

Visually you cannot IME.

The physical test is to grip it gently (but firmly given it can be slippy) long-side down and then tap it with one’s knuckles. I do this over the sofa, just in case.

One side often sounds slightly brighter than the other (or ‘rings’ more).

Which way should the “triangle” face, to the front or the rear of the unit? Most important.

Also it could face, left or right or random. Should all three per shelf face the same way or not?

I put it on the Fraim and then do the ding test. Some pieces are really obvious, and others far less so. One of mine is the same both ways up.

Vital to ensure they all point towards true North.

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And that you don’t inadvertently get Ding Dong on adjacent levels.

I thought it might be magnetic North.