Naim fraim with cds3

Does anyone use a cds3 on a fraim but not on the top shelf. I have a turntable table on the top shelf and I was looking at getting tall legs for a lower shelf for cds3. Doesn’t anyone here have the same setup and can you get the lid fully open.

What ever is a ‘rut table’? It sounds like something that a bull would get up to in a farmer’s field!

Never noticed but did make me laugh. Changed it to read turntable

I have top loader CDS2 and had a CDS3 before that. I have the CDS2 on top of the brawn stack in a two stack system with turntable on a shelf above the brain stack.

The tall leg fraim shelf has about 25cm of clearance between the glass below and the shelf above, and the CDS3 height with open hatch about 26cm, so don’t think it will fit.
Although there is a cut out recess in the shelf above and if the open lid goes within this cut out then it may just fit.

I’ve not tried it or want to, seems like it would be more fiddly to get the CDs in and out, and besides the top shelf is a darn good place for a front-end component.


I would look at getting a turntable shelf and fit it above the CDS3 which I would put on the top Fraim shelf.

I don’t think it would look right on a tall Fraim shelf lower down and will be awkward fiddling around getting a CD in.


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