Naim Fraim?

I’m looking to get a Fraim like this but what exactly do I need to order because you got standard, medium and extended legs and I don’t know what’s what.

The Fraim you have shown here is a base and three standard levels in black with black legs.

Two Intermediate levels = three standard levels in total height.

One Extended level = two standard levels in total height.

Here are the dimensions of the standard and the extended levels;

Nice, helps a lot, thank you!

Hello Richard. quick question, out of curiosity:
the diferences are made/ available not only because of aesthetics,
but also functionality, correct?

i.e.: the XS line is slimmer then the Classic.

in this regard, does the 500 series need more space for refrigeration?
(i think at least helps the extra space around?)

From you´re experience, are there any kind of pattern on what normally the Client buy?


All the electronics will fit on a standard level apart from the NAP500 head unit, which needs at least an intermediate level to clear the height of the casework.

I like the intermediate levels as two of them come in at the same height as three standards, and I reckon a base and three standard levels is just the right height. Once you go beyond a base and four standard levels I think anything placed on the top level starts to be effected - with any stand there’s a pendulum effect and tiny movements or vibrations that are imperceptible at low heights are amplified as you increase height and can start to be significant with things like turntables.

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So if I was going to a ndx2/sn3, I was probably well served with 2 intermediate levels…
Thank you for the sugestion and time.

Yes, that’s probably what I would do - you get better vertical separation between them too, which is always good between a digital source and an analogue pre-amp.

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:astonished: :astonished: :flushed:

Shoot me now. :joy:


Another base is all you need Dave… :slight_smile:


Oh yes, and you could change the extended legs to intermediates. You could then have three stacks; two with a base and three standard shelves and then one with a base and two intermediates. Which, funnily enough, is just what I have…


Or you could get an Isoblue Special Branch instead.


Or get the 'cheap-as-…" standard Isoblue:

See - same height… :slightly_smiling_face:


And save some money?
Thanks HH

Yes you would save a lot of money. Also set up time is minimal and space requirement is significantly less. Aesthetically too there are benefits in my eyes, but each to his own. Sonically I have no idea how they compare. Someone will tell me!

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@Richard.Dane came across this pre-loved one in pristine condition with extra levels (who I could easily fill) for a very nice price, will it be stable at this height you think?

Hoping the wheels are just for display purposes…though they don’t look jackable.

What’s with the second glass up?
It looks shaped. Or is that a bar across it?

That TT cover will comfortably look after that Solstice……your Salisbury visit must be soon, interested on your feedback.

It’s on a plank with wheels, you know, what you use to move furniture around. It isn’t bolted on the Fraim.

Name of the shop was there, I greyed it out.

Thought so - the wheels.

It’s the same number of levels as my Fraim. Seems OK in use, tho I would prefer to have two lower Fraims when possible.

I take it, being a…um…‘glassed’ Fraim Lite and presumably ex demo/used, its appreciably cheaper than either Fraim or Fraim Lite, new?