Naim Fraim?

Why do you say it’s a ‘glassed’ FraimLite? How can you tell if it was done that way? Because of the absence of glass on the lower level?

That second shelf up is a Lite, and one of the glass sheets is dodgy. I’d treat it as a base plus four standard Fraim levels, and forget the rest.

For what it’s worth, I sold my Maple base plus four levels for £1,250.

Ah ok. Contacted the seller for more info about that. Price new was 4650 euro it says on the site.

That glass sheet isn’t dodgy, I greyed out the name of the shop there.

The shelf at the top, with the Naim badge, is actually the upper shelf of the base. The Lite shelf (second from bottom) doesn’t have cutouts for the cups and balls, so doesn’t really fit with the rest.

My Salisbury visit had been postponed, sadly…

You’re right, of course. I spotted the Lite shelf but didn’t take a close look at the rest…so, Fraim with one Lite shelf!

Oh……hopefully soon though❤️

Yes, I’m sure it would be stable. I have four standard height and one medium height in my ‘brawn’ stack and that’s as solid as a rock. There’s a picture of it in the Systems Pics thread, post no. 2256.

Little bit like this perhaps? :slightly_smiling_face:



Low Fraims are so cute…love the look.

I had that height and it’s certainly stable, but it looks a bit silly at that height and there’ll be a black box on top adding another few inches. Go for it, but plan to split into two later on by swapping a shelf for a base.

According to the seller it’s a base with 5 medium levels with just a FraimLite platform above the base. Is this correct?

They’re standard levels.

What’s the story with the base? Why the Fraimlite part?

This Fraim is delivered by Dutch dealer Latham to a customer and exchanged there later again by the same customer too.

I’m just waiting for shipping info now but I think I’m going to buy it.


Swap that Fraimlite shelf in the base with the Fraim shelf on the top level and it’s all correct, and exactly what I have: Fraim base and levels, with a Fraimlite on top.

Here’s my setup. Works fine for me.


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